Washington DC Trip 2016

By Collin DuBois

Washington Monument

The Washington Monument is a monument built to honor George Washington. It was built from 1848-1884. It stands 555 feet tall. When it was completed it was to the tallest building in the world.

Lincoln Memorial

The Lincoln Memorial is a memorial for Abraham Lincoln. It was built to look like a Greek temple. It was built in the 1920s. There is a sitting statue of Lincoln in the middle and the monument is on the US penny.

Jefferson Memorial

The Jefferson memorial was built to honor Thomas Jefferson. Construction started on 1938 and it was finished on 1943. It was built by the Potomac river and Jefferson's statue stands in the middle.

WWII Memorial

The WWII memorial was a memorial built after World War II to honor the dead. It opened in 04. It was built at the Rainbow Pool.
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Vietnam Memorial

The Vietnam Memorial is a wall built to honor dead soldiers from the war in Vietnam. The stone wall has 58 thousand names on it. It was built in March 1982 and finished in November 1982.
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US Capital

The US capital is a meeting place for the US legislature. Construction began in 1793. It also hold a lot of American art.
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Holocaust Museum

The Holocaust Museum is a museum about the Holocaust. It gives information on how the Holocaust started and who was targeted.
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American History Museum

This museum has information on America and the American flag. It tells stories of how America came to be today.
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Arlington National Cemetery

The Arlington National Cemetery honors the dead soldiers who died for our country. The tomb of the unknown soldier honors and unknown soldier and they have the changing of the guards. The gravesite of Audie Murphy is the gravesite of the most decorated US soldier. The Kennedy Gravesite is a flame that never goes out. The USS mast honors a ship that exploded in Havana. The Challenger Memorial honors a space shuttle that exploded after takeoff
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The White House

The White House is the house of the president. It is also the presidents work place.
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The National Zoo

The National Zoo is a huge zoo and has many animals. You can find pandas, elephants, birds, gazelles and more. My favorite animal was the sloth.
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Dinner Cruise

The dinner cruise was a cruise down a river with food, music and dancing. The river was beautiful and that was my favorite part. The food was also good and the ship was nice.
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Hotel and Travel

The hotel was nice and the breakfast was good. The beds were comfortable and they supplied you with what you needed. The bus was nice there was wifi and other nice things to have on a long ride. The stops were good there was a good choice of foods.