NCE Family Newsletter

January 22, 2023

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General Updates

  • All medication needs to go through the nurses office- this includes cough drops and cough syrup. Please do not send students to school with their own opened medications.

    If you have not yet submitted the yearly emergency card for your student, we ask that you do so immediately. Your student will be unable to receive over-the-counter medications without your signed permission on the emergency card. The school nurse is unable to accept verbal permission from parents. You may request a copy the emergency card from your school, if necessary.

  • We have seen an increase of social media weekend incidents spilling over into the school week. Please actively monitor your student's social media and text messaging accounts to remain aware and intervene in the conversations your students may be participating in.
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This link will take you to the online registration required for participation in these FREE Before/After School Enrichment Opportunities!

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Student Absence Form

If your child has been or is going to be absent for an upcoming appointment or any other reason, you can submit that information by clicking the button above.

Breakfast and Lunch are provided FREE OF CHARGE for all students!

All students will have access to a free breakfast and lunch every day!

Be mindful that even if your child brings breakfast and/or lunch with them, we CANNOT DENY students access to the meals that we have in school, so if you do not want them to eat a school breakfast/lunch or have concerns about the possibility of them eating a double lunch (the one that bring from home and what we offer in school) and ending up with a tummy ache, please have that conversation with your scholar. :-)

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Keep in touch with REMIND!

REMIND is a text messaging app that allows the school to send quick text reminders. To join, click the appropriate grade level link below. We will share when busses leave everyday via the REMIND app!


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade


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