Community Email

March 17, 2016

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Dear Community Members:

I hope this email finds you well. We have several items for you this week.


On behalf of the district, we would like to thank the Eastwood Community for renewing the income tax on Tuesday. We all understand that the district has been through a great deal in the last 18 months, so we appreciate a positive outcome.

Renewal of this tax was absolutely essential for the district. Prior to 2015, the district had two operating levies above the state minimum. Together they totaled nearly $2.9 million in revenue. Because of increases received in base property taxes through the reappraisal of farmland, along with a strong cash balance, the district was able to part with $878,000 of the $2.9 million in LOCAL revenue. It therefore made the renewal of the remaining $2 million absolutely critical. Failure to renew the levy would have led to devastating cuts in programs and staff.

Thankfully, the levy was renewed, and we can begin to look ahead. That future will require us to still be very frugal with our dollars. Our current projections show that we will still have a solid but shrinking balance in 2020. Over the course of the next four years we will be working hard to build upon that balance in an effort remain off the ballot for any additional funding. As I have said in the past, our goal as a district is to get to January 1, 2026. On that date we will free up $1.275 million in cash flow and be totally debt free.

Complicating things a little is a growing concern about the condition of the Middle School and High School. Both buildings are in need of some cosmetic as well as long term structural improvements. The HS is roughly 56 years old and not getting any younger. There have been some justifiable critiques, and we need to invest some money there. Same with the Middle School. In addition to the MS and HS, we also have other buildings and grounds issues that need to be addressed. There is no shortage of critical projects.

Finally, in the coming weeks, we are going to layout some core thoughts we are developing regarding direction and priorities for the district for the next four years. Please stay tuned.

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The Eastwood Musical, The Music Man, will open Friday night with a show at 7:00 PM. The will be additional shows Saturday at 7:00 PM and Sunday at 2:00 PM. Please call the HS Office for tickets at 419-833-3611. Break a leg!!


The following students will receive commendations from the Board of Education for being selected for one of the many honors band and choir programs throughout the state of Ohio. These learning opportunities are very selective, and we want to recognize them for their achievements. Here are the students who will receive their commendations:

Jacob McNulty for being selected to the OMEA District I High School Honors Choir; Hunter Browne, Jared McNulty, Ashlyn O’Brien, Emma Ray, Reegan Harvey, Austin Kieper and Anthony Witker for being selected to the OMEA District I Junior High Honors Choir; Alexa York, Faith Hardy, Macey Fix, Madison Rogers, Amanda Withrow, JaeEun Schermerhorn, and Emmalyn York for being selected to the BGSU Honor Band; Madison Rogers, Melissa Russell, Alexa York and Marisa Launstein for being selected to the OMEA District I Honor Band; Macey Fix, James Wasylyshyn for being selected to the Cedarville University Music Showcase; Luke Coffman and Connor Oberhouse for being selected to OMEA District I Middle School Honor Band; Jacob D’Amore and Samuel Musteric for being selected to The Ohio State University 8th Grade Honor Band; Melinda Barman and Connor Oberhouse for being selected to The Ohio State University 7th Grade Honor Band.

Congrats and well done!


The information needed for those interested in College Credit Plus is not posted on the district webpage Please visit if you need additional information and be reminded that many of the forms are due next Thursday before break.


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