Central Freshman Campus

Library Policies & Procedures

Welcome to the CFC Library!

Welcome to the Central Freshman Campus Library! I am so excited to share the love of reading and technology with the Freshman students on our campus!

This will be my 20th year in SAISD. This is my second year as the librarian at Central Freshman Campus. Before I came to CFC, I was the librarian at Goliad Elementary for 9 years. I have also taught Kindergarten and 1st grade.

Below you will find some common questions and answers about our library policies.

Let's have a great year!

What Does My Student Learn in the Library?

The library of today is a totally different place than when you as parents were in school.

Yes, the library still provides students with access to all kinds of books and genres. But your child learns more than just how to find a good books during their visits to the library.

Depending on the subject area teacher your students visit the library with as a class, your student will learn:

  • · how the library is organized
  • · how to use online tools
  • · how to access the library's databases provided for by the state of Texas
  • · how to research online and in books
  • · how to access safe websites to conduct research
  • · how to be safe on the Internet and when using social media
  • · how to appreciate genres of all types

When Can My Child Visit the Library?

All students will attend a Library Orientation at the beginning of the school year. This is scheduled through the English Departments. Students are welcome to check out a book at this time if they choose.

Students can visit the library during their homeroom period to work on projects or other assignments. Students must have a pass and have permission by their teacher(s) to visit the library during homeroom.

Students can also visit the library before school or during their lunch periods to read, work on homework, use a computer or ChromeBook, or visit one of the MakerSpaces tables Mrs. Flores has set up. Passes are given out upon request to visit the library during one of these times.

Students and teachers utilize the library in many different ways during the school day. Whether it is to make up a test, work on projects, check out books, research online, or just have a place to sit and read, the library is the right place to be!

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