No More Bake Sales

We won't ask you to bake, but we do need your help.

We are launching a month long critical pledge drive to support the school.

Do you remember the quote: "It will be a great day when schools have all the money they need and the army must hold a bake sale to buy a bomber" by Robert Fuldhum? Well, we need more than a bake sale.

Please consider helping a school that has changed the lives of so many students...


Dear Inspire Supporters:

Since 2010, Inspire School of Arts & Sciences has delivered the high school experience, transformed. Every day, we offer learning opportunities at the intersection of the arts and sciences. In addition to dancers, singers, and actors, students at Inspire are empowered to become artists, designers, researchers, engineers, and builders. This is something that happens all across campus, facilitated by master teachers. In Math class, students understand that solving a problem can be a choose-your-own adventure. In Ceramics, students understand that building a vase is a feat of design and engineering. We offer students learning opportunities that integrate logic AND intuition, mind AND heart, technical know-how with imagination. The result is that we are sending people out into the world as fearless thinkers, do-ers, and problem-solvers. The integration of creativity and scientific thinking is the future of American education, and it’s happening right here at Inspire.

What you might not know, though, is that we are implementing a high school experience like no other in our region on a shared campus, in borrowed facilities, on a traditional-school budget.

Schools can no longer function by hosting small fundraisers - especially cutting-edge, award-winning schools like Inspire School of Arts & Sciences. We need your help to bridge the gap between what the state funding provides and the additional costs of this extensive education.

In addition, the pandemic is adding extra strain to our budget.

Here is how you can help:

We also have a very special offer to the community members who want to join our Inspire Foundation by becoming Foundation Supporters. Students are arranging special virtual performances for the Foundation Supporters. PLUS, as an additional thank you, Foundation Supporters will get a VIP ticket to our annual musical theater performance and discounted tickets to our annual Neverland Ball Gala. Please consider this opportunity.

We are so grateful for your partnership, and we can’t wait to see what the future of Inspire holds!

With gratitude,

Becky Brown


Inspire School of Arts & Sciences

We won't ask you to bake for fundraisers, we just ask that you give monthly.

Even $25 a month makes a difference in what we can do for the school. And at any point you can log in and change it or get a receipt for your taxes. If you are not able to give at this time, can you help us share with others or can you donate your time? You can learn other ways to help on our website.

Thank you for your generosity and enthusiasm for our mission. Together, we will make their dreams a reality.



You can donate one-time or monthly.

Inspire School of Arts & Sciences Foundation

The Inspire Foundation has earned a Platinum Seal of Transparency for non-profits on Guidestar.