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Tips from Kim~The Clock is ticking...

Ever wish you had more time in a day? I for one wish this each and every day...I feel that I never have enough time to accomplish what I set out to each day. Everything around me seems to move way too fast! Why is this? Is it partly because I spend time on things that hold no value, don't help me grow as a person or in my business and because I get side tracked? It happens, right?!? We, as women, we are pulled in 100 different directions, we want to be superwoman, and sometimes, we just get sidetracked.

I'm here to tell you today that it's okay. Sometimes! WE are ALL the CEO of our own business. AND, IF/WHEN we make that mind-shift, WE WILL BE MORE FOCUSED! I am determined to make a conscious decisions to focus on activities that propel me, every day! As the CEO of your business, I'd like to encourage you to do the same. What drives you? What helps you accomplish your goals? I guarantee this connects hand in hand to your WHY! Take time to write down your WHY. Connect to it and focus on it, everyday. If your WHY isn't developed, I want to encourage you to develop it fully! Having a clear, concise WHY is KEY to SUCCESS in this business. Your WHY should PUSH you daily to stay focused and meet daily and monthly goals. Goals are the stepping stones to achieving our WHY!

Set your goals, set your business hours, commit to yourself, to YOUR WHY! Choose to be your own boss! Decide what you will spend your time working on and be certain that the time you spend is time you won't regret later. YOU are the decision maker, YOU set your own hours, YOU choose which events to participate in and YOU decide what tasks to spend our time on. Make sure they are all worthy of YOUR TIME! Invested time determines success, in all areas of our lives. Think of it this way, if we invest time into our health, we get healthier. If we invest time into personal growth, we grow! The same goes for your Origami Owl business. YOU determine YOUR future!

With all of that said, if you know me at all, you'll know that I'm ALL about BALANCE. Balance with family, faith, fun, work, and volunteering. Setting work hours, and giving only work attention, and not letting other distractions creep in during that work time, will help you to make the most of your family, faith and fun time too! It's a win/win! If you'd like more tips on how to execute this, check out this training blog...


The Earring Challenge

Our team sold over 250 sets of the Clara Stud Turquoise Earrings during this challenge AND Brett, our CEO, has confirmed that it became the TOP Seller last week! One small step has helped make HUGE strides in our businesses. Congrats to everyone who participated! And if you were unable to last week why not give it a shot this week? Simply post the photo with the verbiage below. Share in your VIP groups, Facebook fan pages, Instagram and other social media outlets you use.
Trust us, you won't be sorry!
Suggested verbiage:
I've been challenged this morning to sell 10 sets of these stunning Turquoise Clara Swarovski Stud Earrings for $20 plus tax and shipping. Comment SOLD and I'll include you in my order this evening.
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Regional Facebook and Shortcut to Storybuilder Pages

Each regional page has been designed for any and all Origami Owl Designers who are looking to grow their O2 business through positivity and productive engagement!
The Regional Sales Manager (RSM) runs the Facebook page for each particular area. Once there you will meet and network with other designers in your region.

Click the link and find the Facebook group for the area you live in. http://cdn-akamai.6connex.com//332/803//Locate_Your_RSM_final_14538366251106037.pdf

Is one of your goals to reach StoryBuilder each month? Are you a new O2 Designer with a desire to start your business off strong? Are you a seasoned O2 Designer who just needs a fresh start?

If you are excited about learning how to use the Vital Behaviors daily, and want to be a part of a group that will support each other in your efforts to become a StoryBuilder – then THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!

Once you have joined YOUR regional Facebook page be sure to join the O2 StoryBuilder page available for you there.

Easter Shipping Deadline

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Mother's Day 2016

Mother's Day is just around the corner! Did you know that Mother's Day is BIG business around here? I'm talking Christmas BIG! It's true! And this year our exclusive Mother's Day line goes live to all Designers on April 5th.

We'll have some stunning Limited Edition pieces too! Get them while you can, the Mothers Day 2016 collection is only available through May 8th. And speaking of dates... do YOU have your Mothers Day Jewelry Bars on the books yet? NOW is the time! Make sure your friends, family, past hostesses and customers reserve their premier party date with YOU! Mothers Day is May 8th.

Need a few ideas for theme Jewelry Bars? How about Donuts with Dad! Dads and kiddos can work together to capture their favorite MOMents for Mom! OR Maybe you've got an Owlette? Or a future one? Try a Mother & Daughter Tea! Coordinating lockets, large for Mom and mini or medium for daughter, tea and cookies for everyone! I can't think of a better way to celebrate MOM.

Whatever you decide just remember to have fun, and take a little time to do what makes YOU happiest on Mothers Day too! Afterall, you deserve it!

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February Recognition

TOP 10 Personal Volume (PV) Overall
1. Patty Raley
2. Felicia Tome
3. Stacy Schneider
4. Debra Jones
5. Sarah Rogers
6. Mary Ponce
Mary Swain
7. Sarah Rutherford
8. Jackie Lance
9. Jennifer Bruening
10. Amber Howell

TOP 3 PV By Rank
Designer: 1. Felicia Tome $1648
2. Jennifer Bruening $787
3. Candi Rye $700

Leading Designer: 1. Debra Jones $1102
2. Sarah Rogers $1064
3. Sarah Rutherford $861

Team Leader: 1. Mary Ponce $1046
Mary Swain $1046
2. Jackie Lance $840
3. Amber Howell $750

Sr. Team Leader: 1. Patty Raley $5189
2. Stacy Schneider $1474
3. Raquel Montalvo $677

Exec. Team Leader: 1. Rita Garcia $718
2. Nichole Garner $714
3. Denise Salerno $632

Director: 1. Amber Heaton $743

TOP 10 PV Level 1
1. Sarah Rogers
2. Amber Heaton
3. Nichole Garner
4. Denise Salerno
5. Charlotte Allen
6. Laurie McGarry
7. Shannon Young
8. Alice Hager
9. Cathy Daley
10. Shari Vegas

TOP 10 Central Team Volume (CTV)
1. Amber Heaton
2. Nichole Garner
3. Denise Salerno
4. Danielle Galindo
5. Yesenia Gonzalez
6. Lindsey Sullivan
7. Laurie McGarry
8. Cathy Daley
9. Jennifer Alexander
10. Christina & Ashley Fabanich

Designers with $1,000-$1,999 in Personal Volume:
Felicia Tome, Stacy Schneider, Debra Jones, Sarah Rogers, Mary Swain, Mary Ponce

Designers with $5,000+ in Personal Volume:
Patty Raley

Sponsoring: 1 Designer
Amanda Black, Marisol Esparza, Leslie Griffeth, Rosa Murphy, Karla Burrows, Stacy Schneider, Sarah Rogers, Linda Wu, Charlotte Allen, Angela Clare, Patty Raley, Teresa Taft, Yvette McKee
Congratulations on building your teams!

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