Woodland Caribou

By : Jake La Ronge

Interesting facts

1. The Woodland Caribou is one of the most endangered mammals in the U.S.

2. The Caribou travel in groups where ever they go.

3. The population of Woodland Caribou is about 5 million.

4. Two other species of caribou are extinct.

5. Caribou are the only deer species that both male and female can grow antlers. Then they shed them in the winter and start to grow new ones.

The Woodland Caribou's Appearance

1. The woodland caribou is in the deer and moose family. It is larger than a deer but smaller than a moose at 250-700 pounds and can grow to the average of 4 feet in height and 6 feet in length.

2. They have large concave hooves for walking in the deep snow.

3. The woodland caribou has a super fury and dense fur coat to adapt to the harsh winter conditions in the north.

Diet, Habitat and Why it is Endangered

What Is Being Done To Save The Caribou

1. The defenders organization has asked the forest service to limit the snowmobiling on the territory of the woodland caribou.

2. Research shows that woodland caribou can tolerate disturbance to their habitat but to a certain point. But that point can't be crossed otherwise it will lessen the population even more.

3. Ontario Nature is currently working on important aerial survey work in the Caribou Forest. They are working with Earth Rangers to grow support for the Save the Real Reindeer campaign.