Mrs. Bunyi's Nautical Crew

1st grade, Discovery School- Week of August 15, 2016

Upcoming Dates/Notes

Specials- PE on the 17th and 23rd

8/16- Parent Meeting at 5:00pm. Begins in the gym

8/19- Election forms due for Student Representatives (coming home shortly)

8/22- Campaigning begins

8/26- Voting for student representative

Weekly Overview


Big question: How can having multiple perspectives affect our willingness to explore and create new ideas and concepts?

* This is an old steam unit question, but I will keep it here so you get an idea of what our overarching questions might look like. We will begin our first STEAM unit shortly.

Lesson Overview

Writing- We are starting the year with personal narrative writing. This includes focusing on complete sentences, understanding a small moment, adding words to our writing, and brainstorming ideas.

ELA- We will use this week to model and discuss our Daily 5 expectations. I will explain this model of teaching during our parent meeting on Tuesday. Our skill of the week is questions and answers.


As a district there will be some changes to spelling and the philosophy of how it will be taught (which I totally support as it is research based). We will have two differentiated lists this week. More on that during our parent meeting.

List 1- am, at, back, bat, can, cat, dad, mad, ran, sack

List 2- lick, click, stick, pick, back, stack, crack, smack, pick

Etymology- sub- under/non-not/cent or centi-100/pre-before

High Frequency Words- went, come, in, my, on, way


We will be working on fluently and quickly adding single digits in our head that equal 10 and near 10. We will also work on knowing our doubles.

Social Studies/Science
Social Studies-We will be looking at the American flag and the concept of symbolism.