When A Kiss Can't Be A Kiss

By Jackie Ha

Feeling scared, my teacher placed an unknown object on my desk. I thought it would be a creature. Hearing her place the object down gave me the chills. Opening my eyes, I was surprised of the site of the object placed on my desk. After I was relief that it wasn't a creature.
This object looks a lot like halogen light bulb or even a space capsule. It's wrapped with shiny paper and has a flat bottom. The top of it is pointy and its an triangular shaped. The object has a thin paper sticking out of it.If you open the wrapper, it is brown in color.
With the wrapper on it feels bumpy like popcorn ceiling. The brown color inside the wrapper would melt like ice cream if you don't keep it cool. Touching the brown color of the object feels silky. If someone dropped it in your hand it would feel hard. The bottom is smoother than the top with the wrapper
Now for the best part of this essay, time to taste. For lent, I gave up sweets, so I will have to guess what the sweets will taste like. I think it would taste creamy and rich. The taste of this object would what you to eat a full bag of them. It is so sweet it can give you cavities. I think it would be chewy. Sadly, I didn't get to eat it.
I thought this assignment was going to be hard, but it turns out to be fun and easy. It was fun because looking carefully at this object you figure out it looks like different things. At one point it was hard for me to write a paragraph of how it felt. From my point of view, it was hard for me to watch my friends eat this object. After all this was a good and fun assignment.