BY:Sage Blackwood


The setting of this book is basically in the woods,forests and castles.It takes place in the wood full dragons,wizards,and witches

Main characters

Jinx ,Simon, Bonemaster

Other character

Reven , Elfwyn, Dame glammer, Jinx's foster parents

Like and Dislike

My favorite character is Jinx,because jinx is a type of character that if he doesn't like something he'll speak his mind.He always helps someone in need.

My least favorite character Simon,because he betrays jinx in the story.Even though he takes care on jinx,he's as evil as the bonemaster.

Beginning of the story

What happen at the beginning of the story was, jinx's foster father took jinx to the woods to leave him there believing that jinx was cursed.In the woods they meet a wizard,named Simon that decides to take jinx in.

Middle of the story

Jinx meets new friends, named Reven and Elfwyn,and finds out about the bonemaster. Simon betrays Jinx by taking his life and using it as a power source. Jinx wonders off with his friends and their all captured by the bonemaster and are forced to work for him.

End of the story

At the of this book,the bonemaster tries to use Jinx as bait so Simon would come and save him,but the plan did not work.Jinx refused to talk which showed no proof that Jinx was there.In the end,Jinx found the urwald,which everyone was dying to find.Jinx could draw all the power he need.The urwald had unspeakable magic.The urwald gave Jinx alot of power.Jinx went back and when he got there, Simon noticed his new powers.Simon tried to convince jinx to run of with the power,jinx said no,for he had to go save his friend who was in a deep sleep which was caused by the bonemaster.

problem and solution

The problem of the the story was that jinx was trying to find the urwald,but the bone master was stopping them.He wanted all the power for himself so jinx had to find it first.It was solved by when the bone master waent to bed. They snuck around and found an underground place where the bone master had taken peoples life to use as power just as Simon did.They found a passage in there and escaped but not all of them escaped.Elfwyn was caught by the bone master and was put into a deep sleep.

What i learned

I learn that don't give up even in the hardest situation,like jinx did not give up when he was locked up.


I think the theme of his book is that don't give up even in the hardest situtuation.
I liked this book because it has people like wizards which people think it's not true but i do.
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