The Death Marches

stephanie goss

Overview of the Holocaust

1933-1945 Hitler was the leader at the time, there was a bunch of camps not good ones but horrible ones where they kept Jews. Hitler basically brain washed a bunch of people and told them to kill all Jews no matter the age. Many Jews when into hiding. he killed around 11 million people , 6 million just Jews.

Definition/Background Information

There were many death marches that took place during the holocaust, but here's basically what they are people marched for a long time with hardly no food nor water sometimes people even die while walking top the camps.

Original Research Question

What was it like to be in a death march?

They would walk long distances also people would suffer from the cold and suffer from being hungry also people died while walking. basically walk till they died..


"In January 1945, a Communist-led provisional Hungarian government signed an armistice with the Soviet Union. In mid-February, Soviet troops liberated Budapest. Unable to halt the rapid Soviet advance into western Hungary, the Germans and their Hungarian collaborators evacuated almost 20,000 Jewish forced laborers from camps along the Austro-Hungarian border during the last week of March 1945, directing them on foot toward the Mauthausen concentration camp." This shows how it was and how harsh it was.


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