Culinary Arts

BY: Jill Eaton

Summary of Head Chef

Head chef is responsible for all food production including that used for restaurants, banquet functions and other outlets. Being head chef is the highest professional position in culinary arts. On average a head chef makes $46,000 a year.

Duties of Head Chef

Head chefs do many jobs, but there 3 main jobs are developing menus, food purchase specifications and recipes. He/she chooses what recipes will work for the type of business they have and write these recipes down to make. While developing menus, he/she choose what recipes he wants to make, then puts those food items on the menu. Not only make the menu, but chooses how much an item on the menu is. They also teach other employees how to cook a certain recipes and to prepare meals.

Requirements of being Head Chef

Most businesses look for a high school diploma, associates degree and bachelors degree in culinary arts and on-job training.

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