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Amherst Marching Comets Band Boosters Newsletter

What's Up Next?

Band Camp!

3-a-days start Sunday, July 31 at 1 PM

-Please have your Final Forms completed before Sunday.

-Sunday's Spirit Day theme will be section colors day. Students will get their bandanas when they arrive. They were emailed their colors and the spirit day themes.

-Volunteers are still needed for meal service during band camp. Sign-ups are located in the band app. From the home page, click the folder icon at the bottom, then sign-ups at the top.

Spiritwear Apparel

Spiritwear Apparel orders are available! Samples will be at band camp on Sunday! Order forms will be accepted by paper or digitally. In order for any digital orders to be processed the order form information must match the payment information (name and amount). The payment for your order must be made in advance and on time for the order to be processed.

First order form deadline is Wednesday, Aug 3rd

(to hopefully have items by the first game)

Second order form deadline is Friday, Aug 12th.

*Please remember this is not a fundraiser for us. In order for us to keep the costs low we must only make orders as they are placed and paid for.*

As always, if you use Venmo to pay, please put your student's name and what the payment is for.

Night at the Races

Our Night at the Races Fundraiser is less than a month away! If you are able to donate any liquor, beer, wine, or instant lotto tickets for the raffled off baskets and prizes we would appreciate it. Order forms are now available! Scoop up those ads and sponsorships before they sell out! Who else can't wait to hear all those great horse names?!

If you pay by Venmo, please state that it's for Night at the Races, and put the name that appears on the race order form.

What do I need to do?!

Band Camp Snacks

Meals are provided during 3-a-day band camp but our kids love a good dessert! We ask for members to bring in a dessert once to help keep costs down and add variety.

12-24 servings provides enough for everyone when everyone participates.

Fresh fruit, sweets, your choice, but please make sure it's an easy "grab n go" item that's ready to serve. Bananas, cuties/oranges, baggies of grapes, yogurt-covered pretzels, or cookies and cupcakes are all great options. We do not have the means to cut up and serve things like whole cakes or watermelons. Desserts can be dropped off in the band lobby the morning they are needed. Please contact Ann Overlow with any questions regarding band camp food services at

Monday: Sophomores

Tuesday: Juniors

Wednesday: Seniors

Thursday: Freshmen

Friday: Boosters Provided

H2O makes the comets go!

Each football game and competition show the Boosters like to be able to provide all of the band members with bottles of water. This is only possible if we each donate a case of water OR $10 TO VENMO, please label it water donation.

Cases of water can be dropped off any time there are band members at the school. If you have any questions, please email

Thank you in advance!

How Can I Help?

Band Camp

During the 3-a-Day week of Band Camp (Sunday, July 31- Friday, August 5) volunteers are needed to serve the students their catered lunch and dinner.
  • 6 Lunch Servers 11:00 - 1:15, Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri

  • 1 Lunch Instrument Guard 11:00 - 1:15, Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri

  • Popsicle Server - 2:45 - 3:30, Sun - Fri

  • 6 Dinner 4:30 - 6:30, Sun - Fri

  • 1 Dinner Instrument Guard 4:30 - 6:30, Sun - Fri

A sign-ups are live on the band app! From the main page, click the file folder at the bottom, then sign-ups at the top to find the list of them.

Come Chaperone!

If you have not chaperoned with us in the past few years, the school district does require us to have a form on file. You can find the form in the band app. It is pinned at the top of the home page under Notices, directly under where you would write a post.

Sign-ups for chaperoning will start getting posted after the first week of band camp is over. They will also be located in the band app, and can be found by clicking on the file folder at the bottom of the home page, then sign-ups at the top.

Football Games

Volunteers at football games help move ladders and front ensemble equipment onto the field before and after halftime. They help chaperone the band while they are in the stands and provide water bottles and light clean-up as needed.

Volunteers who chaperone away games and competition shows do ride the buses with the students. Admission is included with all events chaperoned.

  • 4-5 volunteers for home games
  • 6-8 volunteers for away events

A sign-up will be set up on band app as we get closer to the football season.

How can I stay informed?

Band App

The AMC Band Booster Group in Band App is the place to help keep parents organized and informed. The app is where you will find pdf copies of all the paperwork students are given, a calendar of events, and sign-ups to volunteer or chaperone. We will also use the app when chaperoning as a means of communicating with one another.

Students can't join the group but can use the link below to import the calendar into their favorite calendar app.



Make your band payments easier. Please be sure to leave a note letting us know which student and event the money is for.

All the band fees should be in now, but here's a recap just in case:
$30 for shoes if your student needs them

$10 for school-owned instrument maintenance fees

$10 or a case of water, please label this water donation

Then it's just $3 for gloves, which are available for purchase every time the students get dressed in their uniform (and only then)

How else can I help?

A Night At the Races

Our Fall Fundraiser this year will be a Night at the Races! Sept 10th at the Eagles. Get ready for a fun adults-only night out including dinner and horse racing! If you would be interested in helping the Committee execute this event please email We are currently starting a collection of liquor, beer, wine, and instant lotto tickets for our raffles. Volunteers during the event would help sell raffle tickets, serve food, or collect wagers.

Proceeds from this event are used to pay for the event, and then the profits earned go into our general fund which helps cover things like gas for the trailer to take instruments to away games and shows, admission costs to OMEA and competition shows, turnpike tolls, additional instrument repairs above what the school funds allow, and so on. The general fund typically just covers the cost of running the band.

Donate with Amazon Smile

AmazonSmile is now available in the app!

The more money we earn, the easier it is to help keep participation costs down and provide more fun activities for the band to do!

1. Open the app and click on the menu icon

(3 lines on the bottom right-hand corner).

2. Scroll all the way down to the bottom, and click "Settings".

You'll see the AmazonSmile option.

3. Click there to set or change your charity.

4. Search & select "Amherst Band Boosters Inc." to help us earn more!

The more money we earn, the easier it is to help keep participation costs down and provide more fun activities for the band to do!

Browns Fundraiser

This is a new opportunity brought to us by a partnership with The Deputies. Volunteers will head down to First Energy Stadium for a Browns game (or concert) and serve up food in the concession stand. The cost of parking is covered and volunteers receive a 40% discount in the team shop while they're there that day. Anyone 16 years and older can participate, but no more than 2 minors per adult. Volunteers are able to stay to watch the end of the game if they'd like. All that's needed is your legal name, email and phone number.

The amount of money this can generate for us is dependent upon the number of people we can get to participate. We are in need of extra funds to cover things like the new shelving units that need to be installed in the new trailer to transport the instruments safely. We are aiming for at least 50 sign-ups. If you have any questions regarding these events please email


8/13/2022 MGK

PreSeason Football!

8/21/2022 Vs Eagles

8/27/2022 Vs Bears

Regular Season Football

9/18/2022 Vs Jets

9/22/2022 Vs Steelers

10/9/2022 Vs Chargers

10/16/2022 Vs Patriots

10/31/2022 Vs Bengals

10/27/2022 Vs Buccaneers

10/17/2022 Vs Raiders

10/24/2022 Vs Saints

Booster Positions Available

Open Committee Head Positions: Please remember these can be co-chaired if you’d prefer.

  • Banquet
  • Spring Raffle
  • Concert Ticket Sales

Committees with upcoming events that will need help:

  • Band Camp After Party
  • Uniform room/glove sales
  • Football Game Chaperones
  • Browns Fundraiser Volunteers
  • Fall Fundraiser - Night at the Races

If you are interested in just helping with a particular event, please contact us! We would love your help! The more hands, the lighter the load.

Contact Deanna Sauer or Kerri Kobylka with any questions:

Band Booster Backgound

Amherst Band Boosters is a volunteer-based organization composed of parents, guardians, and families that support the Amherst Marching Comets. The Boosters are a vital part of the Marching Band's success. Members organize fundraisers that financially support the majority of the band's needs and chaperone their activities.

The Marching Band's ability to function and succeed depends on the Band Boosters and the Boosters depend on you! The more help we have the lighter everyone's load is. Thank you for all you do!

Tell me those Dates again!

Band Camp Starts at 1PM Sunday July 31

Mon Aug 1: Band Camp 3-A-Days 8 AM - 9 PM

(Sophomore's bring dessert)

Tue 2: Band Camp 8 AM - 9 PM (Jr's bring dessert)

Wed 3: Band Camp 1 PM - 9 PM (Sr's bring dessert)

Thu 4: Band Camp 8 AM - 9 PM ( Freshmen bring dessert)

Fri 5: Band Camp 8 AM - 6 PM

Mon 8: Band Camp 2-A-Days 8 AM - 3 PM

All week (No meal service)

Fri 12: Band Camp 2-A-Days 8 AM - 3 PM

Fri 12: Band Camp After Party 3 PM

(Attendance Required)

Tue 16: Evening Practices 6 PM - 9 PM

Wed 17: Evening Practices 6 PM - 9 PM

Thu 18: Afternoon practice 1 PM - 4 PM

followed by Pizza & First Game!