Friday! You made it!

Assignment Directions

*Stay on task. (no emails with pictures of your face on a duck)

*Be creative with your presentations!

*Work with YOUR partner that you have been working with

*Don't have too much fun without me!!!

Warm-up: 15 minutes

Check point (10 min)

Check the histogram and box plot task that we did last class.

Check the homework

Box Plot Task: 20 minutes

Complete by yourself so that you know where/if you are having trouble

Box plot practice 2

Check interpretations & justifications

Box Plot Presentation (25 minutes)

1.) Gather a set of data from the class (your pick) - some examples include heights (in inches), minutes spent on the computer per day) but it must create a numeric data set.

***Time yourself to make sure that this part only takes you about 5-10 minutes or so

2.) Review the how to make a box plot video

3.) You will create a presentation (google docs) to show the class

You will need to present the: box plot, interpretations, & justifications.

*****Share the presentation with me

Analyzing Student Work (15 mins)

Do this with your partner. You can just put the answers in your notebook.

In the equation 20x = 15 (on the last percentages assessment), many students divided 20 by 15 to get the value of x.

1.) Why do you think they made this mistake?

2.) Why is dividing 20 by 15 different than dividing 15 by 20?

3.) Use a visual to show that dividing 20 by 15 isn't the same as dividing 15 by 20.

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