By: Anna Tyler

fun facts

Cactus carry water that is why they do not dry out. Most animals in the desert stay in the shade during the day and hunt at the night.

all about deserts

  • Deserts are pretty simple.
  • When you think of them you think sand
  • Cactus and pretty much nothing but deserts are actually pretty cool
  • Deserts are covered with sand and found all over the world.
  • The four main types of deserts are hot and dry, semiarid, coastal, and cold.
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Phisical Features


*Mostly dry

*Light rainfall in the winter

*Days are hot and the nights are cool

*Makes dew that provides water for the desert plants and animals

Hot and Dry:

*Africa, southern Asia, North and South America, and Australia

*120 degrees Fahrenheit

*Rain evaporates before reaching the ground.


*Western coasts of continents, such as Africa and North and South America

*Dry, cold ocean air

*Summers, long and warm

*55 degrees Fahrenheit to 75 degrees Fahrenheit

*Fogs, from the ocean during wintertime.


*Asia, North and South America, and Antarctica

*summers are short

*Light rainfall

*Summer temperatures 70 degrees Fahrenheit

*Winter, long and cold

*28 degrees Fahrenheit

*Snow falls winter and sometimes summer

Natural Recources

Underground water supply:


*Natural gas

*Stone, adobe, a crude cement

*Below you will find a picture of a cotton plant in the desert.

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reptiles, birds, and mammals

there are mammals like camels.

there are also insects like spiders

and the reptiles are lizards, turtles, and camellias


deserts can be found all over the world. below you will see a map of the Sahara desert.
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