The Lichtship New Touriboost Business Model

Since 1996 the museum lightship Texel no. 10 is an absolute eye-catcher in Museumharbor Willemsoord in Den Helder. It is now a beautifully restored ship, a few steps from the slope where it jammed in 1951. The lightship was for the Dutch coast, for forty years, a reliable beacon in the sea. Now it is a shining centrepiece in the special museum ship collection.

However, in a sea of boats, despite its beauty, is not seen as it should be to attract hundreds of new visitors every year. The personal stories that the crew holds in their memories are not told either recorded/documented/preserved for the future as if the boat is the only heritage that dresses the Museumharbor Willemsoord in Den Helder.


In term of new business models, one of the goals of Touriboost project is to identify the pain/problem of the heritage asset, rescue it and bring it into light with a value proposition.

The Lichtschip business model problem is identified, and three main factors can define it:

1. The need to increase visibility so they can attract by itself new visitors then a branding strategy is necessary.

Social responsibility as a way of Life

2. The preservation of the heritage stories and the boat maintenance work done by them has not any actual added value while is the great interest for most the visitors. It is full of authenticity and on the risk of disappearing but is not packaged as a product.

3. Repackaging the product is essential by creating a different classes of servicees.


Three main new products are envisioned:

- Café conversations were to meet the original Lichtship crew and ask your questions and listening to their stories while enjoying a coffee.

- Guide tour onboard visiting the most important parts of the boat to understand the Life on board and their responsibilities.

- Take the game challenge to become the master and commander of the Lichtship Texel.

The Touriboost Value Proposition focus on:

1.Designing the tractor campaign to attract new clients

2.Design the class of services

3.Design the visibility strategy on the web and social media via Facebook and Instagram campaigns.

4.The creation of the WhatsApp group to personalize the visitor experience.

The Customer Segment

Still the same and in-place families and children but needs to grow in numbers

The Key Partners

To explore potential new alliances is a must by offering new added values to the visit.

As an example, the tourism school, the tourist info point, cooperation with the local library which holds interesting information.

Communication Channels

New communication channels and social media campaign launched.

WhatsApp group to inform on new activities.

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