Do football players need millions?


On November 12th, 1892, football was born. In the beginning a football player for example William (Pudge) Heffelfinger was paid a salary of $500. Now professional athletes make more than the president, which I think is outrageous. Football players are paid outrageous amounts compared to police officers, and our average working man.

Reason #1

Have you ever seen what the average firefighter makes ($45,000). That is nothing compared to a football players salary. Football players salaries are a landslide compared to an average paying job. Peyton manning makes a salary of 18 million dollars. Football players make millions of dollars to throw a ball around a field. While other people have to work very hard, just to make a living.

Reason #2

Some football players commit crimes. Some have been charged for doing illegal things or having possession of illegal things. When they do these things they get fined at the least, or they get the punishment depending on what they did. I think they should be fired for bad actions. That is just another reason that I think they should not be paid that much.

Reason #3

Some football players are in commercials, or advertise products so other people will buy that product. Most football players are in commercials around Super Bowl time(the biggest football game of the year). Those are just a few more ways that they make money.

Opposing View and Rebuttal

Other people would beg to differ. Some people say that football players deserve their money, because of how hard they work. If you were a football player you would disagree. Other people say that they work hard on the job and practice to become better players. Which i agree with, but I do not think that is worth millions of dollars. Average paying jobs work hard too, but still are not getting paid that much money.


In conclusion, I believe that football players are overpaid athletes. Compared to an average job like the firefighter, it seems outrageous. Some athletes commit crimes, some advertise products to make even more money. Some athletes do illegal things and I think they should be fired for bad actions. In all football players have outrageous amounts of money if you think the ame way I do than you will send a letter to the NFL (National Football League), and tell them what you think.


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