Petition of Right, 1628

Benjamin Franklin


After setting out a list of individual grievances and statutes that had been broken, the Petition of Right declares that Englishmen have various "rights and liberties", and provides that no person should be forced to provide a gift, loan or tax without an Act of Parliament, that no free individual should be imprisoned or detained unless a cause has been shown, and that soldiers should not be quartered in private houses without the free consent of the owner.It also martial law should not be used.

How did it Influence the Constitution?

The Petition of Rights challenged the king and outlined many ideas that the constitution later used. First of all, the petition had basiclly set the rule that, no taxes can enforced unless approved by parliment, which was later adopted by the constitution. ANother point the petition made was, that the king could not banish anyone, or send anyone to prison for no reason. they have to be tried, or judged, and if the fail then they may be banished. The constitution later adopted its on rendition of that rule, basically saying you have to be tried and found guilty to go to prison. The petition made it so the king had limited power, which in the constitution turned into the president having very limited power. One smaller point the petition made was that martial law couldnt be enforced, which the constitution also enforces. Although under special circumstances martial law can still be used. The petition made it clear that the people dont want military quartering without consent, which is one of the bigger points in the constitution. Although many of the points might not have a direct influence from the petition many had some kind of influence from it.

Benjamin Franklin

Franklin was is a major figure in America's history. He was a scientist, inventor, muscian, statesman, diplomat, and so many other things. Benjamin was one of the founding fathers of the United States, and played an important role in helping to write the constitution. He contrubuted many ideas to the constitution. Ideas like separation of power in the government, and one term presidency (even though it was not used). His influence has helped shape America into what it is today.

Jean Rousseau

Rousseau came up with many ideas that influenced America and the constitution. He invented the concept of civil religion, which includes ideas like religious tolerance. He also believed people should descide on what rules to follow based on concensus (democracy), and proposed that people possessed certain natural rights. These rights were life, liberty, equality, and property.