Edgar Allan Poe


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Edgar Allan Poe

Edgar Allan Poe was a author of books with murders, mad men, premature burials, and people coming back from the dead.Edgar Allan Poe's child hood was filled with death from his mother and father die from when he was young. after his parents died he was adopted and his family was nice but one day his 2nd mom got the same disease as his real mom and she died also.

Edgar Allan Poe's work

Edgar Allan Poe's first work was "the manuscript found in a bottle." Edgar Allan Poe's significant work was "the gold bug." the impact of Edgar Allan Poe's work is it decribrd what happened in his life

Edgar Allan Poe's death

on October, 7 1849 his death was a mystery that led to myths and urban legends. the themes of his books was horror and sadness