5 Store project

By: Danny Prii

What does FootLocker sell?

FootLocker is a sneaker store that carries hundreds of types of shoes most commonly tennis shoes and basketball shoes. This store also carries clothing and shoe cleaners.

What type of store is footlocker?

Footlocker is a Specialty Store

What does this store do to get customers?

The way that footlocker gets customers is by getting the latest sneakers that lots of sneaker heads may be wanting right when they release. And they have great sales that attract people who want good quality shoes at a lower cost than normal.

Does footlocker cross sell?

Yes, footlocker has a website where people can order the type of sneaker that they want and it can be delivered straight to their doorstep. Footlocker also has hundreds of stores across the US.

How can they upsell?

FootLocker can upsell by having many sales on shoes and they could add a customizer on there website where you can customize your shoe.

Hagger Clothing co.

What does Hagger sell?

Hagger sells lots of different types of clothing for men women and children

What type of retailer are they?

They are a specialty store that has lots of clothing and accessories.

What can they do to interest customers?

Haggers can make more in style clothing that could interest more and they could have more sales on there clothing that would attract people who don't want to spend lots of money. They can also get clothing or shoes that has just come out that many may want.

Do they cross sell?

Haggers has a sleek website that allows customers to live chat with customer help to get them where they want to go, haggers allows customers to order clothing online where it will then be delivered to their doorstep. And they also have hundreds of stores across the country.

Do they upsell?

Yes they do upsell whenever you are buying a pair of pants they will ask do you want a belt to go with those pants and etc. They do this to gain more profit and to get the word out that they sell more items.
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Levi's Outlet

Levi's Outlet

What type of store are they?

They are a department store they sell many types of clothing and one thing that they are most known for is there jeans.

What do they do to get customers?

I think that they have many sales that attract customers to well made jeans that are not high in price. They also offer nice clothing that everyone can buy.

Do they cross sell?

Yes they cross sell they offer a very nice website that is easy to navigate through you can also order online and have your clothing be delivered to your home. Levi's also has hundreds of stores across the country in which many are at local malls.

Do they upsell?

Yes, they do upsell they will offer you other clothing or products with the item that you are already buying, this increases business and it makes them more well known.
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What type of store is Justice?

Justice is a specialty store that offers clothing that many can go for

What can they do to attract customers?

They can have many tween clothing that is in style and on discount.

Do they cross sell?

Yes they cross sell they have a online website where you can navigate through easily and you can have your clothing delivered to your door step. They also have hundreds of stores across the country that you can go to a purchase what you want.

Do they upsell?

yes they do upsell they offer high products for a little higher price and make it sound like it is great deal and get you to buy the better product. This helps business and makes them more well known for there products.
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Skechers USA

What store are they?

They are a specialty store that offers kids shoes

What can they do to get customers?

They can put more lights on there shoes that attract young kids, they can also put low prices that attract parents.

Do they cross sell?

Yes they cross sell they have a easy website where you can order your shoes to your home, and you can also go to the store in a local mall there are hundreds across the US.

Do they upsell?

No they don't upsell they do not offer any higher products to there customers you just go in and get the product you picked.
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