Dog Fights

By Brody

Flight And Guns

Dog Fights in World War I were violent battles between planes. Pilots threw rope to try and tangle up enemy aircraft and also threw brick grenades to try and get them into the cockpit and blow up their planes. The pilots' worst challenge was shooting and flying. Shooting was horrible cause the guns were short range shotguns, pistols and combines, and the guns they used were only small ones. Later on they started using MG-08's. One of the worst parts about shooting is that the bullets would sometimes hit the propeller of a pilot's own plane, causing him to crash.

Plane Add-Ons

Fortunately, the problem was fixed. Well not the one about how hard it is to shoot the enemies but the one of the bullets hitting the propeller. Anthony Folker put ''Wedges" on the propeller so the bullets would just deflect off the propeller, but that's was still too dangerous. Then Roland Garros made an "Interrupter" on a MG-08 so that the bullets were timed with the engines and when the gun fired the bullets would go in-between each propeller.

Red Baron

And if war in the sky wasn't hard enough, someone made it even worse for the Allies: The Red Baron. The German top-ranked fighter pilot Manfred von Richthofen was known by his bright red pained plane. He had over 50 confirmed kills in his lifetime. He became such a feared presence in Europe that soon other pilots painted their planes red to strike fear into the Allies.