Makeup Tips

By: Kinsley Bordeaux

First, you put blush on.

  1. You pick a light pink.
  2. You put it on your cheeks.
  3. Then you put a rosy red over your light pink.
  4. That is the blush.

Second, you put on eyeliner.

  1. You get the eyeliner.
  2. You take the eyeliner out of the bottle.
  3. Then you put it on the end close to your eyelash.

Third, you put on eyeshadow.

  1. You put your eyeshadow color.
  2. Then you close one of your eyes and put the color on but not too much.
  3. Then you put it on the other eye the same way.

Fourth, you put on the lipliner.

  1. You pick a darker color than your lipstick.
  2. Then you put it on.

Lastly, you put on the lipstick.

  1. You pick a color.
  2. You put it on your lips.
  3. Then you rub your lips together.