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Fourth Quarter Updates!

Hello Families!
Can you believe that the end of the year is rapidly approaching?! We have so many fun things planned for the end of the year. Its going to be great!!

We have officially finished SOL testing! We were able to squeeze in a few extra minutes of outside time to decompress after testing and we hope to see the sun more this week! This week we will be working hard on our final writing piece (letters to our fifth grade teachers!) as well as science and social studies units. In math we are completing a performance task that assesses our ability to design a stained glass window and meet certain mathematical criteria. Our force, energy and motion unit will be culminated with our egg drop. Virginia studies is being wrapped up with some great review and projects.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns as we move through the fourth quarter. Keep an eye on parent portal and the blue Friday folder. We are taking practice tests each week so the students get a lot of practice on the computer, so the folder does require a signature.

Our Minecraft Project is Complete!

Time to visit and wrap things up!

We have officially finished our minecraft builds! We will get to visit each other in the different worlds soon!

Group one created the setting of their story and completed writing prompts throughout their build. They left clues and details for others to experience and enjoy.

Group two created a math mansion with different mathematical operations! Each student took on a particular floor and math skill. The also gathered data and created their own graphs in minecraft. Others will get to answer math questions by visiting their mansion.

Group three created a realistic Jamestown complete with facts and trivia. Other students will see what Jamestown looks like in minecraft and how the English and Indians lived! Its amazing! They learned to embed links and create a web quest for others to experience!

Reading, Writing and Projects- Oh MY!

We finished up our presentations of black out poetry this week and the students did a great job!! We have read a few more Patricia Polacco books and continue to try to meet our goal to read them ALL. Her books are filled with lessons, messages and really great characters and stories. We enjoy each one we read together.
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A Project for Our Friends...

We have three awesome students moving on to new schools next year. We will miss them very much! In an effort to prepare a goodbye gift for them we decided to write them each a letter that will be bound into a book.

Andrew will move on to Hollymead for fifth grade. He has been an incredible student and wonderful leader in our classroom this year. I know his friends will miss him, but he wont be far away! In one short year they will all be back together at Sutherland Middle School. In the meantime we all wish Andrew the best. We know he will do amazing things over at Hollymead Elementary!

Sebastian and his family are moving to Washington state. Prior to living in Virginia Sebastian live in Hawaii! He is very well traveled and it shows in his amazing ability to be flexible, knowledgeable and kind in all situations. He is so fun to work with and his friends love to be around him. I know he will do amazing things in Washington!

Jurnnie and her family are moving to Hawaii next year! Jurnnie was in Texas prior to coming to Virginia when she was in first grade. She is a creative, thoughtful and super fun student. Her art is amazing and she connects so well with her classmates. She is caring and fun and everyone enjoy her! We wish her the best and will miss her very much here at Baker Butler.

We will miss you three VERY much!!

Our Classroom....

So many things in our classroom have been developed, extended and enjoyed by these special students. One fun thing about being a teacher is that no two years are alike, and you can develop programs each year that are special to just that class.

This year while reading three different novels together I began what I called "Vocabulary Power". We would pick out strong vocabulary, define it and use it throughout the week together. I began to give a marble in a jar every time vocabulary power was used. We would hold whole group discussions where we would try to use the words continuously. We added so many words to our vocabulary lists that we needed to make posters to remember them all! The students began finding the words in books, lessons and LIFE!! They earned an entire jar of marbles and started on a SECOND jar. These kids are amazing! Ask your student to tell you some of their vocabulary power!!

We also developed a way to earn extra time to be together and have FUN! We only can schedule thirty minutes of "earned" extra recess a week- but a lot of the time this class was so good, so well behaved and so hardworking that I would want to give them additional time! When they are really focused and hard working I help them earn bank time with my amazing basketball skills! You will have to ask your students to explain that one...Since we couldnt find the time in our schedule for extra free time we began to save the time in a "bank". We dipped into the bank a few times when we lost minutes here and there for loud or off task work time. We began to day dream about what we might do with our bank time and decided to plan a "picnic day" for the end of the year. We will cash in all our bank time and spend the morning/afternoon together. I have some outdoor activities planned too! This class has EARNED it!!!

Upcoming FUN!

This Friday (May 27th) will be a fun day for us! Fourth grade has planned a board game day to celebrate the end of the year and our friendships! If you have a board game that you dont mind sending in that would really help! In the classroom we have Trouble, Uno, Sorry and Parcheesi that have been sent in. We would love to get a few more fun games to play together! You can send a game with your student any day this week. Any game will work- card games, building/block games and board games!! Thank you!!!

We have begun our unit on force, energy and motion. In last Friday's folder I sent home the information about the egg drop project. Below is a photo if you need the information again. After studying force and motion the students are asked to design an egg container for the drop on June 6th. The project is to be done at home and brought with them on (or before) June 6th.
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Happy birthday to Evan and Jamie who celebrated last week! Thanks for including us in your celebration!!!

Jamestown Field Trip

Thursday, June 2nd, 7am

Jamestown, VA, United States

Jamestown, VA

Our buses will leave around 7am and will return around 5pm. More details and info coming home soon!

Jamestown Here We Come!

Information about the field trip will be sent home with students this Friday regarding the field trip! Please check your students blue folder for the info!
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Just a little Spring Cuteness from my house to yours!

One Last Thing!

I've decided to jump on the TWITTER bandwagon! Our class is doing so many amazing things and has begun to get some attention from around the district. Since other people were tweeting about us I thought I better get on board! If you use twitter please follow us @MrsWrightACPS to see whats going on in our classroom each day! Let me know what you think!

Mrs. Ashley Wright

"If you want to build a ship, don't drum up the mean to gather wood, divide the work, and give orders. Instead, teach them to yearn for the vast and endless sea" Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Weekly Homework!

Weekly homework is given out on Mondays and due by the next Monday. The students should also be reading nightly. Please let me know if your student needs help finding a good book to bring home to read.