Youtube Blog - Life of a Youtuber

By Felicia. T

Youtube Life

Everyone envies the youtuber life. But it takes a lot of time, all day and no work. It’s totally worth all that time and effort once that video you worked so hard on became viral , and others start noticing your content. Once that video gets viral, it not only brings views, but it also brings in tons of profit. That’s the life of a youtuber. They make videos about topics at they find interesting and share it with the internet. Youtubers who are in it for fame don’t last long on the internet. They soon get sadly disappointed because getting farm through youtube is not what they expected.


Johnny Berchtold is a youtuber who as an average amount of subscribers of 32,548 . He said he doesn’t make videos for fame or fortune, and that the only reason he makes videos is because he loves entertaining others. Youtube is one of the ways that he can express his passion for entertainment. That’s how a youtuber should act, selfless. Youtubers do a lot of things for their channel to gain success. Ads and sponsorship with brands and companies are some of the things they do to help their channel. Youtube videos take a while to make. Youtubers have to edit their content very meticulously to make lovely quality videos. Sometimes they have to edit the most smallest thing in the video. Depending on how long they’ve been on youtube, and the type of equipment they use, some youtubers content looks more vivid and sounds clearer. Being a youtuber is a job. Just like producers, authors, and filmmakers they entertain their audience.Making enjoyable content that can brighten up someone's day. However, we put youtubers on a pedestal, and think of them like Gods instead of people. Sometimes we forget that after the camera turns off, they’ve just regular people, who pay their bills and brush their teeth. Helpful blogs: