April Newsletter

Martin Elementary

Using Emojis as a way to check for understanding

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Emojis are a fun way to allow kids to express how they feel about their learning for the day. Teachers can quickly assess students understanding of the lesson.

You can also use emojis for an inference activity or to talk about character traits. When describing characters students have to pick an emoji that best describes that character and explain why.

There are endless possibilities for emoji use in the classroom. I would love for you to share if you come up with a unique and fun way to use emojis.



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APP of the Month

Discovery Education APP

This is a great APP to utilize during a lesson to extend the engagement and learning of the content as well as a great resource for student led station work. It offers incredible visual effects and graphics and is extremely interactive with the learners.

Region 10 offers a Discovery Education Training session every year that is hands on and tons of fun!


Des Plaines School District 62, IL Partner Success Story

Teacher Highlight

Martin Elementary Job Fair Team

A HUGE thank you to everyone who help organize and run the Crandall ISD Job Fair. Nancy Muncrief and Jessica Hays were the head of the design team and even a late night trip to Hobby Lobby didn't scare them away. Martin's table was absolutely beautiful and full of energy! We are so lucky to have a wonderful staff to go above and beyond to promote our campus. Thanks for making Martin a fun place to be!!