Nancy Drew Mystries

The Clue Of The Dancing Puppet

by-Carolyn Keene


About the Author

Carolyn Keene (10 July 1905-May 28 2002) was the author of the children's book series"Nancy Drew Mysteries" .Her books had an unpredictable climax and could give you the real taste of mystery.Her real name is Mildred A. Wirt Benson.She was honored with the "Malice Domestic Award For Lifetime Achievement" and "Special Edgars Award".She died on 28 May 2002 because of an illness.


Few sightings of a mysterious dancing doll,wearing a ballerina have been recorded at the Van Pelt estate,which is related to an old family mystery.Nancy and her friends have been asked to solve this mystery but things don't turn out to be as good as expected.There is danger on every step but there is a risk of getting a fatal injury to Nancy.Will Nancy be able to solve the mystery and find the culprit?

Main Characters


Why this book?

Nancy Drew Mysteries has been an classic series.If you are interested in mystery this one is the one for you.You are to be surely to be engrossed in this book.In the start you will not be really interested but as Nancy will arrive at the Van Palen estate you will be forced to keep you eyes stuck at the book.A must-read book-Nancy Drew and the clue of the dancing puppet.