7 Ways to Save over the Holidays

SSS helps you not to spend all your college cash!

#4) Don't Charge It!

Did you find a great deal or sale? If you charge it and don’t pay off your credit card regularly, you will be paying compounding interest. Check out the video below for easy "insider" tips on credit cards and make a free "Grad Ready" account through UW Oshkosh.

Credit Card No-Brainers (Credit Made Clearer -- Capital One)

#8) Don't be tempted to spend your finacial aid refund!

At the end of the semester you might find that you receive a refund. Instead of spending it, why not apply it toward your second semester bill? Talk to Financial Aid to find out how.

Also, you don’t have to wait until you graduate to start paying off your school loans. Talk to the Financial Aid office if you want to start making payments earlier and get ahold of your finances by creating a Grad Ready account through UWO.

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