Coco Chanel

Background on Coco

* Born on August 19, 1883.

* Started her life in Saumur, France and died in Paris, France on January 10, 1913.

* Unlike many designers, she was raised in an orphanage and was taught how to sew.

* Her first clothing shop was opened in 1910.

What makes Coco special?

* Coco is known for the creation of the little black dress.

* Her main debut, which featured black dress and plain suits, was in 1913.

* Fashions that she designed are still very popular today.

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Intresting facts about Coco Chanel

* She released the women from the bandage of corsets.

* Adored the look of pockets. She felt that they were not seen as much as they should be.

* She began her career designing hats. Started as a hobby.