Kindergarten Newsletter.

January 19th.

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Although it is a lot of work to get in and out of snow pants and winter clothes to go outside, everyone is excited by the snow.

The children had a busy productive week full of fun and learning.

Math The math of Cuisenaire rods has been introduced with the children discovering and learning the relationship of the different length rods to numbers. Beginning to recognize the different colors they are able to build staircases from 0 to 10. The children also worked with the number tiles using addition with counting. Large dice are being used to work on mental math of addition.

Language arts.

Writing stories about how the children could be kind and help their community and environment. Having an interesting discussion before the children wrote their stories meant that they all had good ideas. The class really enjoy sounding out their stories and are enthusiastic to share their thoughts. Their skills of phonemic awareness are really improving.

The JEM Read- a- thon is on and it is a great time to encourage reading. Sending home more than one book, I would suggest that you get your child to read the stories more than once, pick out sight words and practice sounding out words.


Learning about dinosaurs, the children are studying these wonderful creatures in depth. Making a dinosaur book is helping the children know facts, phonetically sound out words, track words and write neatly.


In honor of Martin Luther King Jr. the assembly was a service project. Cat toys were made out of socks. These toys will be given to the SPCA on Street road.


In the French class, the Kindergartners are:

1. going to the pet store and buying a dog (chien), a cat (chat), a fish (poisson) and a bird (oiseau). Each child takes a turn on being the pet store owner and also being a customer.

2. playing a bingo game (called Lotto in French) about animals.

3. learning a new song about a bird and how French birds sing compared to American birds.


Kindergarten is continuing to explore sounds, movement, and dynamics. They have been playing musical games such as "Black Snake" that encourages soft and loud singing, and "7 sons" which allows for free movement and interpretation. They have also been listening to musical examples that are the same and different and using our listening skills to differentiate the two. They have recently started reading fairly complex rhythms as well.


Kindergarten is currently working on making their own clay tooth fairly containers. The children were so excited to get their hands into clay and the timing couldn't have been better for the project theme since almost half of the class lost a tooth within a day or week of introducing this project. It was so much fun listening to their stories as they created!


They have been continuing to work on our gross motor skills, team building and practicing proper sportsmanship, relay races, and have been practicing our throwing and catching with different types of balls.


This week I have included some pictures of the children showing off different yoga positions. Yoga is giving the children tools to calm their bodies and brains, helps concentration, patience and much much more. Working on "I like me" meaning their best friend is themselves and they need to like themselves. 'I like you" meaning they like their friends in the class, and finally "I like everyone". This means liking everyone and being a good friend to all.

As you can tell the children are working hard in all areas of their education. Learning about themselves, others, learning conflict resolution and sharing, plus a strong academic program in all parts of their day.

Homework to support reading.

Help your child practice 1-20 sight words. If they know these words they can learn to spell the words and even write sentences using the words.

Read, Read, Read. The more the children read the better their reading and understanding will become.

Important dates.

During the winter months lower school teachers like to bring a little more fun to the days by having some special days.

Wednesday 24th January. Bring a soft toy to school.

Friday 9th February. Wear sports clothes to school.

Friday 2nd March. Wear P.J. to school.

Valentines Day.

Also please could you get your child to make or buy small valentine cards for each child in their class. There will be a small celebration on 14th February for the children to give their cards to each other. Bought ones are fine. Please get your child to write their name on each card.

Wednesday 24th January.

Please allow your child to bring in any soft toy to school on Wednesday 24th January.

Stay warm.

In peace and friendship.