Assasination of Franz Fernidand

December 18,1863-June 28,1914

His Life and Death Story

Franz Ferdinand was born in Graz, Austria, the eldest son of Archduke Karl Ludwig of Austria (younger brother of Franz Joseph and Maximilian) and of his second wife, Princess Maria Annunciata of Bourbon-Two Sicilies. In 1875, when he was only eleven years old, his cousin Duke Francis V of Modena died, naming Franz Ferdinand his heir on condition that he add the name Este to his own. Franz Ferdinand became one of the wealthiest men in Austria.

In 1889, Franz Ferdinand's life changed dramatically. His cousin Crown Prince Rudolf committed suicide at his hunting lodge in Mayerling. This left Franz Ferdinand's father, Karl Ludwig, as first in line to the throne. Karl Ludwig died of typhoid fever in 1896. Franz Ferdinand was groomed to succeed to the throne.

On the faithful day of June 28, 1914, the Archduke Franz Ferdinand of Austria heir to the Austro Hungarian Throne was killed in Sarajevo by Gavrilo Princip (19 years old), believed to be part of the Bosnian Serb Assassins. The motive behind the assassination was to break the Austria-Hungary’s provinces so that they would be able to form the Greater Serbia or what was later called Yugoslavia. The Archduke holds dominion over the provinces of Bosnia and Herzegovina under the treaty of Berlin. The powers gave the Kingdom of Serbia the authority to become a sovereign state. Gavrilo Princip was just used by Black Hand Society because they do not want the Archduke to rule over Bosnia and make their plan more difficult to accomplish. There were "seven conspirators", that planned to kill the archduke as he was touring the city. The first threw a bomb that bounced off and exploded on another car in front on Franz Fernidand. Due to the danger, they immediately went to the reception party at the City Hall. The other conspirators didn’t want to "injure too many civilians", and let the car pass without attacking them. Concerned for their safety, the Archduke told his driver to take the shortest route out of the city. Whether by chance or not, the Archduke’s car stopped in front of Gavrilo who fired 2 shots that killed Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie. Because Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie were assasinated this lead to World War I.

Franz Ferdinand could have avoided the assassination by not ignoring warnings that Serbian terrorist group the Black Hand still reeling from Austrian annexation in 1908 was plotting to assassinate him during his state visit to Sarajevo. The day of his tour was Serbia’s National Day.

Franz Ferdinand and Sophie were riding in the third of a seven-car convoy when a bomb bounced off their hood, exploding as the fourth car passed. When this happened Security should of rushed them out of town immediately. But they didn’t. Franz Ferdinand insisted that they pay a visit to an officer wounded in the bombing. He should of never went to visit the officer wounded in the hospital that day and went home. Maybe he would still be alive today.