The Opal Deception

By Eoin Colfer


Eoin Colfer wrote the book The Opal Deception which is a futuristic fairy world. The setting takes place in the fairyland below the Earth, and the surface of the Earth with humans.


The Genre of the book The Opal Deception is Fantasy.
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" 'Leak?' squeaked Vishby. 'If we depressurize at this depth, the shuttle will crumple like a paper cup.' "


My Photo essay shows the setting of the book because the first picture, the tunnel represents that the fairyland is underground. The next two pictures show how the fairyland has forests. The fourth picture shows how even though the underground world is magical, it still has some human-like technology. The last three pictures represent types of creatures living down in the area.

I chose my order to make it seem like you are traveling down to the fairyland. The tunnel shows that your venturing down into the earth, the grass and forests to show you have arrived, and seen the landscape, the technology to show you have seen how the land is like, and the characters to show you what kind of people are there.

My quote shows the setting has technology. The way it has "big"words about technology shows that in the setting, the book isn't all about fairies, trees, magical creatures and mushrooms.