Job Description

What is a surgeon?

A surgeon is a person who operates to prevent and correct injuries, deformities, diseases or improve patient function. As a surgeon there are many different responsibilities such as consultation and assistance, counseling and advising, evaluation, perform surgeries, determine, and monitor after care. Along with responsibilities, you have to have certain personality characteristics for example you have to be hardworking, have flexibility, be compassionate, and have a humble nature.


In your education you need 12 years of schooling that consist of four years of undergraduate school, four years of medical school, and another four years of a surgeon residency program. Then you must obtain at least a bachelor's degree. Also, if ever going to apply for a job many jobs require some experience in order to get the job.

What are the pay ranges for the job?

Between $244,350 and $464,161 depending on what you specialize on and the amount of education you have. People with higher education tend to earn more money.


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