happiness, living life the fullest.

Rebekah Ballard P4/5

Analysis of the development of theme

Settings, characters, plot and conflict are the lose strings waiting to be tied into a strong knot to find out the Theme. The reasons are endless of what would happen if we didn't tie some of those strings. For an example in this book (Freak the Mighty) if I had changed any of the characters that strong knot would not have the same theme and meaning. Lets say I made Killer Kane a really positive guy that loves to cook. Then the most biggest conflicts of the book is gone for good and the book has less exciting. It will have a huge impact on the theme too, like Max might have never meet Freak because his dad has a job so they can now move to a nicer area then were Grim and Gram lives. Settings, plot, and conflict will have the same effect that messes up the theme. In this book the theme could really relate to is Grim and Gram. When they first had Maxwell they were kind of mournful about their daughter and the fact that he looked like Killer Kane didn't help at all. Later when Maxwell was kidnaped from his home by Killer Kane I bet they were devastated. When they finally saved him from Killer Kane I bet they were so grateful and happy. I also believe that they won't be so mournful about their daughter around Maxwell. Now that they are more grateful for Maxwell and he is now a happy memories that they will keep with him until they die.

Reflection and application of theme

I agree with the theme of this book because I can relate to it in my life. For a example last Christmas I really wanted was a water proof camera and when I got it I realized I didn't really need it and now I want something I don't have. We all do this, but sometimes we need to just be grateful for what we have and realize how blessed we are. We only live once and lets live the best of it. When I think of all I have and how blessed I am, I feel positive and I never what that feeling to disappear. Some people tell them self that I will be happy if I have a phone or really anything but, once they get what they are asking they will think of something they think that happiness will be found If they get it. I'm very grateful for this theme in this book cause in this book freak dies at a very young age But, not once did I hear him complain once and he really lived a full life. I hope from this book people try to live the most of life.




Maxwell life is now messed up life because of his dad killed his mom and now kids make fun of him and he though that they were right and felt dumber and dumber by the hour. Freak who has just move right next Maxwell has problems too. Freak has a five year old body But, is supper smart. Together through friendship and team work they work out their problems together. They soon are known as freak the mighty and conquer their fears. Maxwell's dad was profited out of jail. Once he was out he took his son. With freaks help he was able to find and save Maxwell's life. In the end though Freak died because his body was to small for his heart.


The author grew up in England and was inspired by a neighbor a block away to write this book. He is also a boat builder. He grew up making books and he has also come out with another book called Max the mighty.