Exploring Australia

The most exciting place in the world

Neccesary Information

Australia's native language is english. They have different words from us. Something intresting is they call gum, chew and cotton candy, fairy floss. It is located south of Asia. The middle of Australia is called the Outback. It is very rare to see a person in the Outback mostly because it is all desert. The forest area is called the Bush. Australia's capital is called Sydney, it is located on the coast of Australia. Most cities in Australia are located on the coast, because the middle is all desert.

More General Information

For more general information on Australia you can go to the website, http://www.exploreaustralia.net.au/

Places to Go

Australia has hundreds of beautiful landmarks, and tourist attractions that people from all over the worl come to see. Some of these include The Great Barrier Reef, The Bush, The Sydney Opera House,The Gold Coast and The Blue Mountains. The Sydney Opera House has had many world famous celebrities perform there, from Justin Bieber to Adele. It is located right on the coast of Sydney, and its architectural shape is just about what made it famous.The Blue mountains is a national landmark there and is said to take your breath away at first glance. The Great Barrier Reef is so big that you can see it from space. A lot of peopel might recognize the Great Barrier Reef because that was the place Nemo (the movie) was shot. The Bush is a great place to look for animals. The Bush is a forest area that is very common around Australia. All along Australia their are beaches along the Coast. Australia has so many places to visit that you are going to want to stay there forever


Australia has beautiful national animals, that you cant find anywhere else. The most common animal is the kangaroo. Some australians go as for as they say you can find them on the streets, and roads. Kangaroos, can grow up to 7 feet tall. Koalas are very common as well in Australia. You can find these animals on gum tree's. They aree very lazy and dont do anything all day except for eat and sleep. The dingo is one of the most dangerous animals in Australia. It might look cute but that doesnt mean it cant hunt, look at for these animals.