jaguar jargon

2017-2018, 1st Edition

Annnnddd....We're Off!

First, to our new staff - again, WELCOME! The Jaguar Jargon is my weekly "memo" of sorts that I use to communicate the upcoming week (and sometimes beyond) with our BPCE staff.

THANK YOU to each and every one of you for helping the 2017-2018 school year get off to a great start. Whether it was preparing your rooms, reading at the library, to helping with PBIS or pretty much anything else, it is a great reminder that it takes us all working together to bring our building success.

As we settle in to our first few weeks and develop our routines and "norms", don't forget to reach out to your colleagues for help in any way, shape, or form that is needed. There will always be points of calm and chaos - what defines us is how we respond during each.

So What is WIN Time, Anyways?

I'm so glad you asked! WIN Time stands for What I Need. During WIN Time, students will be grouped according to their academic area of need. These groups will then be led through interventions by teachers, aides, etc. These set-aside blocks of time have been one method proven to be effective in an RtI model. This time will allow us to reach more students with interventions, instead of solely relying on fitting in time with the three Interventionists. Groups will be divided according to benchmarking data and teacher input, and staff will work together to decide what group they will lead. The three Interventionists and I will be meeting soon to develop some more specific guidelines. WIN Time will begin after our first Data Day on September 15th.

Coming Up

Monday, August 21st
  • RECESS: Sims, Scarbrough, Hayden
  • PreK begins session
  • Solar Eclipse - All students will remain inside for lunch recess and during the eclipse. Right now the forecast is calling for clouds, so many people might be disappointed!
  • ATM (Administrative Team Meeting), Mrs. Dinger's office, 1 p.m. - Mrs. Rhoades out

Tuesday, August 22nd

  • RECESS: Spangler, Tilstra, Malmgren

Wednesday, August 23rd

  • RECESS: Zachary, Waller, Pompeo
  • RF IEP, 3 p.m. (Rhoades)

Thursday, August 24th

  • RECESS: Chapman, Jackson, Reed
  • Building Leadership Team, 3:20 p.m. (Please refer to "Committees" doc in the Google Classroom for committee assignments.)

Friday, August 25th

  • RECESS: Coates, Kramer, Adams

Coming Soon

  • Friday, September 1st - SI Day - 1:10 p.m. student dismissal


  • Student Learning Objectives (SLO's) need to be approved on the district form. I will send this along tomorrow after my ATM.
  • Please set your classroom clock using your cell phone
  • We are now required to do "Point of Sale" at lunch. Students will be issued cards with their name and a four digit number soon. They will need to bring these cards to lunch, give them to Mrs. Livingston, and they will be returned to the teacher. You may either hand students cards if they are eating, or have a stack of students who are eating and give the stack to Mrs. Livingston when you bring them to lunch.
  • Please use the following sites to live stream the eclipse:,
  • I will be putting in an order for WHISTLES - if you need one, please let me know!
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