Keeping A Fire Going

Fire Survival Tips

On a tropical island it is an advantage to starting a fire. It can have many uses for it; like cooking, keeping warm, or trying to keep animals and bugs away.

  • During the rainy season it is hard to find dry wood, and many trees have an empty trunk so slice or cut at the trunk for dry twigs and it will serve as tinder.
  • Once the fire is lighted you can eventually add slightly wet wood.
  • Don't burn bamboo, it burns quickly and can explode.
  • Keep your fire in a dry place such as your shelter or under large. To dry damp tinder keep it close to the fire.

What You Can Use

  • Lint
  • Wax
  • Moss
  • Paper
  • Sticks
  • Rocks
  • Pine needles
  • Dry grass or plants

How To Start a Fire

  • Clear a circular area about 4 feet in diameter.
  • Build a ring of rocks or dig a hole that is a couple inches deep using a shovel or your hand. Building a circle of stones around the pit with stones will insulate the fire. If you build a fire wall with logs or rocks it will reflect the fire's heat, especially if you're on only one side of the fire.
  • Pile your materials scattered in your fire pit, so it is close enough to catch on fire but spaced out enough for good air circulation.
  • Light the fire with your ignition source and gradually add more kindling.
  • Slowly blow air on the igniting fire to build heat and intensity.

  • When adding wood start by adding the smaller pieces and work your way up to the larger ones, this way the fire will last longer.

Types of Fires

Tepee: Arrange the tinder and some of the kindling in the shape of a cone, and light them at the center. The logs on the outside will fall in and feed the fire. This is one of the most successful arrangement of fire.

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Log Cabin: Create layers in different directions to form 4 walls in the shape of a square. Leave e room for a tepee in the center of it, and make sure that air can circulate between the logs in your "cabin" walls. This fire arrangement is best for cooking food because the square shape creates even heat.

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Star: Line logs up in a star formation. With this arrangement, you can push the logs towards the fire to increase heat, and pull them outwards to decrease heat. This arrangement is particularly helpful if you're trying to conserve your fire.

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  • Keep buckets of water nearby. If the fire goes out of control, then you will have something to put the fire out.
  • Be careful that the fire doesn't get to big.
  • You are at risk of burns having a fire.