By: Heather Badskey

Changing Population Growth

I will make the change in my community of you can only have two children or less. If you have more than that you will be charged in double taxes.

What would I do?

I would first start and have a meeting with the town and tell them my struggle and what we need to do different. And if anyone disagrees then I am going to talk to them a little more. Tell them why and all that. So then they should know why I am going to make it a law that we cannot have more than two children in each family any more till the economy improves or we get more funding’s and I am raising taxes to hopefully even things out some.

Or what else?

If none of that works I will make it that you can only have two kids per family and if you have any more then that I will make the price of you to have three or more sky high so that they won’t want to have any more kids unless they are filthy rich.