Saddle Up and Read

October 2015


Providing opportunities for creativity, critical thinking, and problem solving skills for our students is extremely important. Therefore, we are excited about a new development in our library that will provide these opportunities. We are in the beginning stages of developing a Makerspace in our school library!

What is a Makerspace? It is hands on, student-directed, personalized learning. Maker education views learning as a personal endeavor requiring the student, rather than the teacher, to initiate the learning process. Educational makerspaces are based on student ownership of their learning. It recognizes that no two students will learn the same concepts at the same rate. It even recognizes that some peripheral concepts may not be learned by all students. In Makerspace you can build projects using a variety of materials. You could make a simple machine, sew a project, power lights and buzzers, or explore with pulleys and weights. In Makerspace you learn by doing, trying, and investigating. In short, a Makerspace is a student-centered, skills-based learning lab for kids and schools. (

This month our Saddle Up and Read project will be “Buy a Bin”. As we transform our library into a Makerspace learning commons, we will need a place to keep items. We will be purchasing plastic tubs for our shelves and are asking student to donate $1 towards this purchase, Each student that donates will receive $10 in cowboy cash. Please fill out the slip on the back of this form and return it, along with your $1 to Ms. Howe by the end of October.

This is an exciting time in our library! Thank you for your support in this exciting transformation!

Your friends in the saddle,

Ms. Howe Library Media Specialist

Mrs. Simpson, Reading Specialist

Mrs. Parlier, Principal