Positive Interventions for Behavior

Recharge Your Classroom Management Batteries

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Recharge Your Classroom Management Batteries

A seminar on proactive strategies to help educators decrease disruptions by investing in a three-tiered model of intervention. Dr. Riffel will share stories from the field and give research and evidence-based interventions and strategies that you can take back and use the next day with your students. The PowerPoint will be shared online during the training and available afterward. You may bring a computer and follow along and take notes. Feel free to go back to school and share what you learned with the rest of your staff.

Each participant will receive a book, mnemonic tools, and useful ideas that will ameliorate behaviors in the classroom. This training is geared at the classroom level and will cover the following topics:

  • Top ten rules of behavior
  • To change behavior, we need three strands of intervention: environmental cues, replacement behavior teaching, and consequence modifications
  • Universal classroom strategies
  • Tier two strategies for students who need booster shots
  • Tier three strategies for students who need intensive supports
  • Contingencies and reinforcements
  • Interventions from the field- all guaranteed to recharge your battery

Dr. Riffel formerly was the webmaster for www.pbis.org from 1998 through 2012. She taught for over 30 years in Pre-K through 12th grade and in general and special education. She also taught at the university level and ran a statewide program for students with challenging behavior. She has trained hundreds of thousands of educators around the world in positive strategies to help with school, classroom, and individual climate.

To see an example of Dr. Riffel's humor check out this link: http://tinyurl.com/behaviorhats

February 11, 2016- Tulsa Technology- Lemley Campus -3420 South Memorial Drive

Career Service Center Auditorium-Located on the West side of Memorial between 31st and 41st streets.

To sign up- go to this link: www.behaviordoctor.org/public-events/

$129 per person

Registration and Check-in is from 8:00 a.m. till 8:30

Light snacks will be provided throughout the day

Lunch will be from 11:30-12:45 on your own

The day will end at 3:30


8:30-10:00- The ten rules governing behavior and why they are important to the behavior change process

10:00-10:15- break

10:15- 11:30- Environmental changes and cues and how they can set students up for success in the school and the classroom

11:30-12:45- Lunch (on your own)

12:45-1:30- Replacement Behavior Teaching with examples from the field

1:30-2:15- Consequence Modifications and how they affect behavior change

2:15-2:30- Break

2:30-3:30- More tier two and tier three strategies that weren't covered in the three strands of changing behavior including contingencies and reinforcements

Participants will receive a custom book for this training, mnemonic tools to help you remember the most important facts, and camaraderie with fellow teachers across the state. Dr. Riffel uses humor and personal stories to help you remember what she has taught you about behavior change.

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Guaranteed to leave with great stories and great ideas for the classroom!

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I get credit for this class? - Dr. Riffel provides a certificate at the end of the class with professional development credit for each person in attendance.
  2. What if I can't attend and I already signed up and paid? Dr. Riffel can give a full refund up to January 20th.
  3. Can I send someone else in my place if I've paid? You have to let us know who is attending so the certificate can be applied to the proper person. We must know the names of all participants. Sometimes schools say "We are going to send 5 people." We need to know the exact names.