Ed Bernstein & Associates Obtains

the Highest Jury Verdicts in Nevada’s History

Ed Bernstein and Associates is a personal injury law firm that operates in North Vegas specializing in vehicle accidents, social security claims, and disability claims.

Las Vegas, Nevada, June 1, 2015 — Ed Bernstein and Associates is a 5-star rated law firm that is currently servicing personal injury clients as well as social security and disability clients in Las Vegas. Currently, they hold the highest amount of jury verdicts for vehicle accidents in Nevada’s history totaling around $104 million due to the unmatched expertise of their attorneys and staff.

With 40 years of experience under his belt, it’s no wonder Ed Bernstein is so well-known and highly-rated for the service that he and his firm provides. His staff have handled tens of thousands of claims and know exactly how to handle their client’s cases.

When people get into an accident, most of the time they don’t really know exactly what to do. Often, they collect what they think is necessary information, but in reality, there’s more to it than just getting a name and telephone number. People also often say or do things that could possibly put them at fault.

Many people don’t know if they’ve covered all their bases when they’ve been in an accident. Ed Bernstein is a well-known and experienced personal injury lawyer who currently provides free consultations. For more information on this service and what a person should do after getting into an accident, please visit: www.edbernstein.com.

Most people are denied on their first attempt to obtain social security benefits and not everyone knowsthat and they don’t always know that they only have 60 days to appeal their claim from the date of their denial letter. If they don’t file their claim within 60 days, they’ll have to start the process all over again. Ed Bernstein and Associates has the experience needed to help bridge the gap for clients who are unsure of what do next.

There are certain things a person must know when making a social security claim and in most cases, they will need an attorney who knows what needs to be done to help the process run more smoothly. A great service Ed Bernstein and Associates offers on their website is an online claim form where potential clients can enter in their claim information and an associate will get a better idea of what’s involved in their social security or disability claim.

Maybe there’s a possible claim that can be made on one’s behalf, but without calling an experienced attorney, it will be difficult to know if a claim can be made at all. There are a wide-range of possible claims that could be made and the best place to start looking to see if a person qualifies for any of them is at Ed Bernstein and Associates. For more information on social security and disability claims, and to fill out a claim form, please visit: https://www.edbernstein.com/social-security-disability/.

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