The highwayman


highwayman summary

in this summary I will be talking about the poem the highway man.the poem highyway man is about a man a women who love each this poem the highways mans was rated out by a man named tim who eased dropped on them and rated them out to the redcoats.when the highway man comes to his lovers door he whistle and taps on the gutter.another part to this poem is when the redcoats come they tie his lover up to a chair with a gun lying at her chest.thye tied her up to a chair because when the highyway man comes the highway man will see it as a waring that the redcoats are there to capture the poem his girlfriend A.K.A his lover lives in an old inn with her dad.the lover has black this middle of the poem the highwayman says he will be back by morning shine."one kiss ,my bonny sweatheart,im after a prize to-night,but i shall be back with the yellow gold before morning light;yet,if they press me sharply,and harry me through the day,then look for me by moonlight,watch for me by moonlight, ill cometo thee by moonlight,though hell should bar the way."

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