Summer time is here!

new product launching may 10!!!!

Its gonna be MAY

With the start of a new month comes a new wave of excitement with Chloe and Isabel. We have the new product launch "Amalfi Coast" May 10 and you do NOT want to miss out! Lets just say there will be WAY more than just jewelry offered with this product launch such as a bag, sunglasses, wraps and more mens, anklets, watch....SO much! Your past hostesses will for sure want to host again to get in on earning some free goodies and this will be the PERFECT time to line up new product launch hostesses and knock your May out of the ball park. As a team, we have had some SLOW business the last few months, but I feel more confident than ever that this product launch will make May our month! Our team goal is $8000 and pop ups are the way to get there!

New month = New incentives!

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WHAT??? A friend and I can BOTH get that???

YES! Its C&I by invite. Each month you as a merchie get to invite one person (via your dashboard) to join this amazing C&I community. When they do, you and your invitee will BOTH get that months incentive piece....and oh'll earn $50 CASH if they reach $500 in sales in their fast start!
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New Look Book

Did you know that on average, merchies sell $300+ for every pack of look books they purchase! Definitely invest in your books as they are gorgeous, and follow these tips on how to maximize your exposure

1. give them to your top customers in person! put flyers, tabs on items you think they will especially like. this contact needs to be in person to maximize on opportunity.

2. ensure you give one to past hostesses to entice them to host for you again and get their updates for summer FREE

3. Give them to your nail lady, hair lady, mom, sisters, best friend....they can ALL help you network,,,and share your biz card too

4. I would NOT give them to strangers as this is rarely a good return on your investment

Lets chat

Not sure how to get your summer biz off the ground or how to get those pop ups booked? NO problem! Lets chat! Shoot me a text and we will get a touch base call scheduled and set you up for success for your summer biz.

Lorie Gregg

Merchandise Manager