The Uglies

By: Scott Westerfeld

Novel Summary

Tally Youngblood was about to turn 16 all she wanted was to turn pretty. When a new friend of hers, Shay, she tried to convince her to not turn pretty and run away with her to the Smoke. The day she turned 16 Dr. Cable told Tally she couldn't turn pretty until she went to the Smoke and brought Shay back.They gave Tally a locket to activate when she got to the Smoke so they could come get Tally Shay, and the whole town of Smoke. When Tally arrived at the Smoke she say David, the guy Tally always talked about. Tally had fallen in love with David and Stole him away from Shay. David had asked Tally to come meet his parents, Az and Maddy. They told her the secret about turning pretty. When you turn you get lesions and it changes the way you think and feel. Tally had thrown the locket in the fire and not realized when it was destroyed it was activated. The next day the Smoke was destroyed by the Special Circumstances. Tally had escaped and met up with David in a cave. They went to the Special Circumstances and rescued Shay, Maddy, Croy and the rest of them realizing Az had been killed. When they went to the ruins Maddy had a pill to give Shay to fix the lesions, but Shay had rejected them. Maddy, Tally, and David didn't know what to do next.

Novel Setting

There are many settings in the story. The main setting is the Smoke. The Smoke is past , , Uglyville, New Pretty town,and the Rusty Ruins. The Smoke was built by David's parents, Az and Maddy. In the Smoke you put in hard labor. You had to make your own shoes and had packets of food you put in water purifiers. Instead of buying stuff with money you had to trade in the stuff you already own.

Novel Imformation

  • The Book is called The Uglies
  • The author is Scott Westerfeld


Scott Westerfeld is the author of the New York Times best selling Uglies series. Scott alternates summers between New York City and Sydney, Australia. He thinks we are heading toward a world in which lots of people will get to decide how we look. It will change that we think of as beautiful, and what beauty means to us. Some People stay the way they look, because they think it is just fine or cool. Some people won't change because they are rich and powerful like when famous directors go to some fancy Hollywood restaurant in an old T-shirt and baseball cap; it shows they can get away with it. Other people will try to outdo each other, and take advantage of themselves in ways that we don't think is pretty right now.

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Person Recommendation

I thought the book was very boring at first and that it was going to be like throughout the whole entire book. Once it started talking about the Smoke it got a lot more interesting. There were a couple of points I didn't even want to put the book down. I would defiantly recommend it to a friend. I would recommend it because I thought was very exciting and sometimes a nail bitter. I also liked all the action with Shay, David, Tally, Dr. Cable and the Special Circumstances. If anybody asked me if I knew any good books The Uglies would be the first recommendation i would give them.