Less Junk more Vitamins

Be more healthy during school and eat vitamins

Priorities of junk Food

Junk, the word doesn't even sound good. Junk has very high calories. Here are some things that junk food can do to you if you have to much.

  • Obesity (You can start to over weight)
  • Diabetes (They can make your diabetes worse or even give you diabetes)
  • Depression (Junk can make you really depressed)
  • Nutrient Defenses (You can loose good you need or already have)
  • Sodium (You can get to much)
These can all happen to anybody if you have to much junk food.

Priorities of Healthy Foods

Healthy foods have calories but usually not to much. Here are some reasons why they are good for you.

  • Vitamins (Has good vitamins to keep you healthy.)
  • Sodium (Not to much but some to get you moving.)
  • Calories (Just the right amount that your body needs when your feeling down.)
  • They can help you stay fit.
There are so many more but those are just some ways.

Ideas of healthy snacks