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Inventions of the Renaissance

Brief Overview

In the exhibits we will be focusing on two very important inventors and their inventions of the renaissance time period. The two Inventors we will be focusing on is Leonardo da Vinci and Johannes Gutenberg they contributed to the many inventions of the renaissance.

Leonardo da Vinci

He was a man of many talents and was born in the year 1452 .He made many inventions and came up with many good ideas. Some people may say he was 500 years ahead of his time because of some of the ideas he had. The ideas were way to advanced for his technology at the time.

Da Vinci's Contributions

The Ornithopter

This invention was basically two bird like wings that were supposed to make a human fly like a bird. Da Vinci figured out that humans were to heavy to fly like a bird so he sketched an idea of contraption where a pilot would lay down in a box with the wings attached to it.
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The Parachute

Today parachutes are very different from what we know they are. The parachute that Da Vinci that he came up with it was more like a pyramid of fabric attached to the person and was harder like cardboard. That's a little different from today's parachute the one we are used to comes out of a backpack like thing and is more of a light weight durable material that is not hard like cardboard.
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Johanness Gutenberg

He was man of many talents and was born in 1395 and gave the world many important inventions. Some people may say that he got robbed of his ideas because the patten had not been invented yet so anybody could steal your idea and claim it as theirs.

Gutenberg's Contributions

The Printing Press

This was one of the first inventions that would change the world forever. The first book that was printed on the printing press was the bible and some higher people were scared that ths new invention would spread bad ideas or ideas that would effect them.
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