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Airiel Haltiwanger

About Me

Hello, my name is Airiel! I am 15 years old. I love to listen to music and like to dance! I spend most of my time dancing and listening t music or doing something with my niece and nephew, might even go out with my friends. I like fashion (such as dressing up).

My Question

My question is who are the most influential people in hip-hop, and how did they change the industry? I asked this question because it seem that the music from when I was younger changed from now. I like and listen to all type of music but I can see the difference, and how the artiste has changed up there style from now and then.


Know- That the the music industry gone change rather the artist like it or not, whoever they with gone change they style and fashion depending on if they fans. Also people gone change up from how they use to be to a different lifestyle based on they fans as well. I think that most famous people in the music industry change by going off what the world like than actually what they wanna hear.
Want To Know- I wont to know why artist can't just rap or sing about a story or reality instead of of the wall never gone be true things? Why do the producer change them to what they wont instead of let them be they self? Some times it be a good thing they changed them don't get me wrong, but most of the time not so much.
Learned- That the music is just entertainment to the human mind, and a creation of what the people want to hear. Also a written sign representing vocal or instrumental sounds.

Who Started Hip-hop Culture?

The hip-hop culture begin in the streets of New York, and went threw many changes and still is. Hip-hop has four elements: rap, graffiti, break dancing, and disk- jockey. Hip hop begin in the 1970's due to Kool Dj Herc, which he migrated into the united states from Kingston, Jamaica in stayed in the west Bronx Of New York. He was a disk jockey and wanted to spread his Jamaica rhymes around the world which he contribute. His music did catch much attention so he decided to change up his style to what the people wanted to hear and the attention was there. His music spread to all around New York reaching the urban side called " Wild Fire," (More Information is required in the second article listed below).

People/ Groups who was popular in th begaining

Kool Dj Herc (1970's)
Run DMC (1987)
N.W.A (1990's)
Tupac Scakur (early 90's)
Notorious B.I.G ( Middle 90's) The whole Brooklyn
According to the rappers who were coming up and out it started tension between the East, and West coast.

Finding More Information

To get a better understanding you can skim threw, and read threw the two websites. More information and I myself prefer you to check out the second website, it shows and tell more about the topic and also why.