Cameron Elder

Where is geothermal enegy???

Well, geothermal energy is stored in the middle of the earth the "core" about 4000 miles in the middle of the earth. and all the heat can be pumped up or pulled up to use for warmth the heart from the middle of the earth is called Geothermal Energy.

Renewable or not???

Geothermal is a type of energy that IS renewable because the water is always being refilled by rain and the heat is always hot in the middle

How does geothermal provide energy?????.

Well there is about three main steps to provide energy from geothermal.

1. Geothermal fluids from the earth are pulled up from something like a well and put into a power plant.

2.then the geothermal fluids turns the turbine blades which spin a shaft , which then spins magnets inside a large wire to generate electricity.

3. And since geothermal is renewable it is used over and over.

Geothermal Energy Process

Is geothermal energy cheap??

Geothermal energy is the cheapest form of clean energy out there.Geothermal energy was singled out as the cheapest renewable energy source out there, and could become competitive with coal and gas-fired power with about $3.3 billion in research and development.

Who uses geothermal energy?

21 Countries Generating Geothermal Power in 2000: Australia, China, Costa Rica, El Salvador, Ethiopia, France (Guadeloupe), Guatemala, Iceland, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Kenya, Mexico, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Philippines, Portugal (Azores), Russia, Thailand, Turkey, United States.

All 21 of these countries use geothermal energy for several reasons but the main reason is because it the most cheapest (stated in the last quiestion)