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November 7, 2017

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Book Fair November 13-17

Mrs. Prince is requesting volunteers to help work during the day. Sign up to help at...

Duty Free Lunch and November Staff Birthdays

Duty Free Lunch and November staff birthday celebrations are this Friday, 11/10. The PTO still needs a few more treats and more volunteers. Sign up to celebrate our staff and give teachers a break...
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If you missed the opportunity to have an Ident-A-Kid Kit made for your child (for any reason), you will have one more chance. Have your forms back to the School Office by Friday, November 10!

Lost and Found

The lost and found area near the student restrooms outside the cafeteria is growing! Please check for missing clothing items, as there are numerous jackets, sweatshirts, etc. waiting to be reclaimed. All remaining items in the lost and found after November 30 will be donated.

Picture Retakes

Reminder that picture retakes will be held this Thursday, November 9! If your child was absent on picture day, or if you are unsatisfied with pictures, they can participate in retakes.
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Note from the Nurses

If you are unsure about when to send your child to school and when not to, here are some helpful guidelines.


If your child has a fever of 100 or above, please keep them home until they are fever free for 24 hours without Tylenol or Motrin.


If your child has been vomiting please keep them home until they stop. DO NOT send them if they have vomited during the previous 24 hours.


If your child has an open, draining wound do not send them if the wound/sore cannot be covered without leaking through bandage.


If your child has 3 or more loose stools in a 24 hour period, please keep them home until diarrhea is resolved for 24 hours.

Pink Eye:

Do not send your child if he/she has drainage from the eye that has to be continually wiped away.


This is a contagious fungal infection. Please do not send your child is the area can’t be covered with band aid or gauze. Over the counter use of anti-fungal cream is recommended.

Strep Throat:

Please keep child home until fever free AND 24 hours after treatment.


Please keep child home for live lice until treatment given. If nits found ¼ inch near scalp, please keep home until treated. Remove all nits daily with a nit comb. Wash bedding in hot water. Wash all combs and brushes. Re-treat for lice 7-10 days after first treatment.

We would like to ask your help in helping our students stay as healthy as possible. If your student has symptoms of the flu or having a fever of 100.0 and above we ask that you keep them home. DHEC guidelines states a temperature of 100 or higher means your student is contagious, and before sending them back to school that they be free of fever, without a fever reducing medication, for 24 hours.

Our nurse and attendance clerk are willing to work with absences on an as need basis. The teachers will support your student in the catching up phase for missed class work as well.

Let’s all do our part in promoting healthy students at GHES. Remember to wash your hands!

Lorraine Watkins, RN (watkinsl@fort-mill.k12.sc.us) and Sue Eich, RN (eichs@fort-mill.k12.sc.us)