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Week of November 1, 2021

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A Message From The Principal

Dear Henry Families,

We hope everyone has a safe Halloween tomorrow. This past week we had lots of fun Halloween activities and are so thankful for all the parents who volunteered for our 2nd Trunk-or Treat event.

Here are some safely precautions to follow while trick-or-treating:

  • Travel in pairs or small groups whenever possible.

  • If children are traveling unaccompanied (without a trusted adult), please make sure that they stay in communication with their parents/guardians during this time and do periodic check-ins (by phone).

  • If you feel uncomfortable or threatened in any way, go to the nearest business or populated area and call for help.

  • Costumes should include reflective tape to make sure you are visible to cars.

  • Stick to well-lit streets and always use the sidewalk.

  • Stay alert while crossing the street and while walking in parking lots—cars might have a hard time seeing you when it’s dark.

  • If you are driving, remember to stay alert and watch for pedestrians crossing the street.

Please also review these reminders from the City of Chicago about how to celebrate Halloween safely during COVID-19:

  • Masks are recommended for unvaccinated children who are trick-or-treating outdoors this year whenever social distancing is not possible.

  • Trick or treating? Stay on the move! Less congregating means more houses and more candy.

  • Keep your candy crew small—choose a small group of friends to trick-or-treat with.

  • Eat candy at home, or after washing or sanitizing your hands.

  • Handing out candy? Please wear a mask while interacting with children and socially distance. Please use hand sanitizer before handing out candy.

  • Leave a light on or hang a Halloween sign in your window to let others know your house is participating in safe trick-or-treating.

  • Do not hand out candy or participate in Halloween events if you are having symptoms of COVID-19 or feel sick, even if you have been fully vaccinated.

  • Outdoor activities are safer than indoor activities – masks are not required outdoors when everyone can social distance.

  • For indoor activities such as haunted houses or Halloween events, masks should be worn by anyone two years and older. Increase ventilation by opening outside windows.


  • Henry School will have covid testing on 11/2/2021 at HENRY from 1:00 pm – 3:15 pm CST.
  • End of 1st Quarter Thursday, November 4, 2021
  • No School on Friday, November 5, 2021
  • Please complete Henry Fall Report Card Conference Survey by 12:00 p.m. Friday, November 5, 2021.

Have a safe Halloween!

Juan Gutierrez, Principal


Mary Ann Reynolds, Assistant Principal


Lora Abraham, Assistant Principal


What's New?

Henry Fall Report Card Conference Survey: Please Complete by Friday, Nov. 5th. (NEW!)

SY21-22 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program (NEW!)

Trunk or Treat Pics (NEW!)

Student Covid Testing Registration

Go CPS Application Live

Student Fees: Pay via E-pay

Henry Spirit Wear Orders Are Now Available

Save the Date: Virtual High School Open House Nov. 4th

CPS Regional COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic at Roosevelt High School

Submit a Copy of Student Vaccination Records

Protocol For Suspected Illness

Henry Fall Report Card Conference Survey: Please Complete by Friday, Nov. 5th.

Dear Henry Hawk Families,

Please complete the following survey to indicate your preferences for report card conferences on Wednesday, November 17th. Please note, the number of IN PERSON selections will dictate the scheduling of conferences. We must determine how many people will be in the building, provide time for cleaning, and adhere to current safety protocols.

Based on the number of families selecting in person and virtual we will block off a section of time for all in person conferences and a block of time for virtual conferences. Those times will be communicated at a later date.

All health protocols apply that include mandatory masking, completion of a health screener, physical distancing, and timed entry. Additionally, IN PERSON conferences are limited to ONE ADULT per family, and students may not join the conference or be in the building. We will reach out to parents who select in person.

This survey will close at 12pm on Friday, November 5th. (Can't complete the form? A paper version will be distributed on Monday, November 1st.)

SY21-22 Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program

Henry has been awarded this great program again! The Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Program is a USDA grant funded initiative to increase student access to fresh produce. In CPS, the program is coordinated at the district level by Nutrition Support Services and the Office of Student Health and Wellness.

Beginning the week of November 1st, Henry will be receiving deliveries of two types of produce each week. Deliveries will occur on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays. Generally, fruit is sampled on Tuesdays and vegetables on Thursdays. Offerings and educational fact sheets will be made available regularly and will contain information about the produce being tasted.

Trunk or Treat Pics

Thank you to all of our Henry Families who made this event a success!

Student Covid Testing Registration

Dear Henry Parent/Guardian,

Welcome back to an exciting and promising school year! As part of the district’s efforts to ensure the safety of our students, we are partnering with Thermo Fisher Scientific and Color Health to provide all students with COVID-19 testing beginning September 1, 2021 for the school year through the ReadyCheckGo™ testing program.

If you are interested in having your child participate in testing, please follow this link https://home.color.com/covid/sign-up/start?partner=tf-hen-609988-students and complete the registration process. A parent or guardian must register any minor under 18 years old, and you’ll give a one-time consent and HIPAA authorization to share your child’s results with the school and district.

Testing is optional for students, except for unvaccinated and partially vaccinated student athletes. Testing will take place during regular school hours and results will be available in 24 to 48 hours. Color Health will follow up with you directly if your child receives a positive result.

For more information on testing with Thermo Fisher and Color, including self-swab testing and receiving results, head to their Support FAQs or call 888-603-1028. You may also email the CPS COVID-19 Testing Team at covidtestingcps@cps.edu.

Thank you for your participation to keep our school community safe and healthy.

-CPS COVID-19 Testing Team

QR Code to Register for Student Covid Testing

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Student Fees: Pay via E-pay

Click the "Henry E-Pay" button on our website patrickhenryes.cps.edu to make payments on student fees, field trips, fundraisers, etc. You will need your child's student ID number to make the online transaction.

Please call the office at 773-534-5060 if you have any questions.

Student Fees

$25 - 1 student

$50 - 2+ students (family)

Henry Spirit Wear Orders Are Now Available

Store is open until November 15th!

Items will be delivered to the school before Winter Break!

Click on the button below to order now.

Henry Spirit Wear Order

Store open until November 16th.

Save the Date: Virtual High School Open House Nov. 4th

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CPS Regional COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic at Roosevelt High School

CPS has opened a Regional COVID-19 Vaccination Clinic at Theodore Roosevelt High School located at 3436 W Wilson Ave every Wednesday from 9am-1pm. The Pfizer (≥ 12yo – 2 dose series) and J&J (≥ 18yo – 1 dose series) COVID-19 vaccines will be offered free of charge with no ID or insurance required. Appointments are encouraged and can be made by clicking here. Those walking in without an appointment will be permitted to enter the Clinic and be registered for immediate, same-day vaccination administration by Clinic Staff, while supplies last.

Given that your schools are within approximately 2 miles of this location, this may be an additional resource for your parents/legal guardians who are interested in obtaining the Pfizer COVID-19 vaccine for their child(ren) ≥ 12yo or for their family members ≥ 18yo who have not received a COVID-19 vaccine yet and would prefer a 1 dose series with the J&J COVID-19 vaccine.

To encourage participation in our vaccination effort, gift card incentives totaling $100, provided by the Chicago Department of Health (CDPH), are being offered at this site to participating individuals, who begin AND end their vaccination series after September 4th, 2021, while supplies last. At this time, the following exclusions apply:

  • Those who received their first Pfizer COVID-19 vaccination before September 4th, 2021 are NOT eligible to receive this incentive for their second dose.
  • Those eligible to receive a third Pfizer COVID-19 Vaccination dose are NOT eligible to receive this incentive for their third dose.
  • This incentive program is NOT available at CPS Mobile COVID-19 Vaccination Events.

For more information on eligibility criteria for this incentive, please email CDPH or call them at 312-746-4835.

Should our clinics' operating hours or any other currently scheduled vaccination event throughout the City of Chicago not work for your students' and parents/legal guardians' schedule(s), they may receive either the Pfizer or J&J vaccines at home, along with the same gift card incentives, totaling $100! The same participation exclusions listed earlier apply here as well. Participation in the "Protect Chicago at Home" program can be done by calling 312-746-4835 to make an appointment for up to 10 individuals per home location. Interested participants may also schedule their appointment(s) online by registering here.

Submit a Copy of Student Vaccination Records

Vaccination is the leading public health prevention strategy to end the COVID-19 pandemic. It benefits not only the individual, but also schools and communities by reducing transmission of the virus.

Nearly 60% of young people in Chicago aged 12-17 years have received at least one dose of an FDA-authorized COVID-19 vaccine. The vaccine is safe and effective for children, and is offered at no cost. To find more information regarding vaccine opportunities please visit:

Parents/guardians of fully vaccinated students are urged to submit a copy of their child’s COVID-19 vaccination record to their child’s school. Student vaccination records will be entered into the student’s electronic record in ASPEN, where they can be stored safely and used to inform the contact tracing and quarantining process. School nurses are the only staff who are trained and qualified to enter student vaccination records, so forms that are given to teachers, school clerks, etc. will be routed to the school nurse.

Protocol For Suspected Illness

Many of you may ask what the protocol is when a student is suspected of illness.

  1. Students are seen by the nurse to determine if there is a suspected illness to be sent to the Care Room. If there is a suspected illness, parents are notified to pick up student
  2. Students wait in the Care Room until they are picked up. Ms. Reynolds or Ms. Abraham will speak to the parent regarding the "Referral For Suspected Illness". Parents are provided with the referral that also will need to be reviewed by a medical professional who will determine if a Covid Test is needed. Students may not return to school until there is clearance from the doctor.

  3. Negative Test and no fever - students can return to school

  4. Positive Test - parents have to call the school and self report on cps.edu/covidresults

  5. Administration will get notification of a positive case and will follow the steps with the support from the Network Chief.

  6. Administration will send information to parents if a classroom will have to flip to remote learning due to a positive case.

Please note that we are not allowed to disclose any medical information of any student or staff member due to HIPAA laws.

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    Patrick Henry School

    Stay Well,

    Mr. Gutierrez, Ms. Reynolds, and Mrs. Abraham