The Hidden Summer

by Gin Phillips

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Recommendation by Ms. Hess

Have you ever had a conflict with a friend that makes it feel like your friendship may be over for good? If so, you would enjoy The Hidden Summer by Gin Phillips.

The Hidden Summer made me think about how friendships can be tested as people change and grow. Nell and Lydia have to find creative ways to continue their friendship even when they are banned from seeing one another. Not even sneaking away together seals their bond as it is tested by the addition of new people.

The strength of the character, Nell, captured my attention. There are so many things outside of Nell’s control that get in the way of having a good summer, yet she manages a way to find happiness. She is resourceful, open to others, and adapts to the world around her.

I would recommend this book to anyone who has had a friendship that was tested by outside forces. You will find many connections that will make you laugh and maybe even cry!